Stage development through college writing - Scholarly connection?

Hello integralists,
I’m a PhD student of rhetoric and communication at Iowa State University.

I’m currently putting together a dissertation project where, briefly, I’d like to, first, instrumentalize a way to gauge stages of ego development featured in student writing.

Informed by that, develop writing prompts, activities, assignments, etc., to help our students not only become better writers, but also more developed writers.

Any other integrally informed scholars in linguistics, rhetoric and composition, developmental psych, and so on, would like to exchange ideas on the topic?

Best wishes,

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I’m not sure how much I can help in this area, but I am interested in bringing integral theory to music and english composition. I would love to hear more about your work!


What I would ask is what model of ego development are you using?

I am working with Cook-Greuter’s. Her emphasis is more explicitly tied to language, “language cues” of each stage, as she calls them, thus is the most promising to my work.

Yes, that’s who I was going to suggest, Cook-Greuter. Seems like her work on polarities (or simple opposites, as the case may be) as applied to the stages of ego might also be useful in helping to determine where the students are, and also provide suggestions for writing prompts. Have you browsed that material?

I haven’t looked into polarities or simple opposites. Any book or article you can refer me to?

At, there is an article written by her and Beena Sharma on polarities (I think it’s under the Resources heading; scroll down). In it, she applies some of the material on polarities to the different ego stages. I like the consistency that would be brought to your project if you were to use her ego stages as well as her studies/teachings on polarities (if indeed you find useful material there). Let me know.

Hi Carlos,
It may not be directly related to your dissertation, but I would be interested in connecting. I have done a lot of work with using integral to help primary school students become better writers.
Send me an email and we can set up a Skype if you’d like.

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