Stage Green: crazy, depressed, useless


Jeff Salzman describes the effect of Green’s deconstruction as leaving us crazy, depressed and useless. A hilarious description, perhaps hauntingly accurate.
I very much identify with this. 2-3 years ago Green came online, BIG TIME. In some ways it has been very liberating and I’ve had a deep sense of happiness that I’d never experienced before. In others, very confusing and I’ve experienced all three of those quite profoundly at times.
Recently I’ve become fascinated with identifying green, seeing its contributions and its limitations, amongst trying to integrate other facets of my personality. It’s a fascinating stage. Just like all the others.
How was/is your experience of being centre of gravity Green? What lead to a shift towards Yellow and how did it show in your life? What in your opinion are the limitations of green from a 1st person individual perspective? Any insights you can share about Green in general?


I completely agree with the crazy, depressed and useless feelings that I strongly embodied with at a green center of gravity. It seemed that all of my suppressed red neurotism came to the surface very intensely. Naturally I am a very masculine man, and was a military officer. During green, I owned my feminine side, including many of the red unhealthy aspects, and many of the green healthy ones. I went from a stoic, to crying frequently at grief support groups I facilitated. With that experience in mind, the limitations of 1st person green perspective related to not having enough clarity to distinguish my own feminine aspects. Was I acting from free spirited spontaneous radiance of green, or just borderline, narcissistic drama of red? My personal shift came from really looking at my own positive and negative judgments. I spent so much energy in my own negativity, about myself and others, I lacked the energy to move past Yellow (teal) into Turquoise.