Stages above turquoise

Are there any descriptions of stages higher then turquoise? For what I heard and read on the internet they all are somehow similar, but some are just way more different.

Integral Psychology and the stages casual, subtle,non-dual, etc. are the only things I found besides Susan-cook-greuters stages of development.

I really want to know currently what stage coral is about.

All joking aside…

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He is stage yellow. Even if his color is coral. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are excellent descriptions of stages beyond turquoise in Wilber’s book “The Religion of Tomorrow.”


Terri O’Fallon’s integrally informed STAGES model describes stages above Turquoise and even has a little research behind it.

Turquoise is 5.0 in STAGES. 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5 are described.


Teal - unified stage is the next stage.

Remember that integral is just a stepping stone to the unified stage, integral is just the first stage that can see things as a whole and trying to put the piece of them together. In order to be unified.

Also remember stages are not higher than others, no such thing as ‘higher’ consciousness. It is us returning to our ‘base’ consciousness. Our one true consciousness. Every stage is thought to be ‘higher’ in integral… but it is considered ‘deeper’ in teal stage… comming home to our true beingness not being distracted by thinking too much, being something your not, growing your body through childhood, not being overly consumed by frameworks and theories ect.

“there are indeed higher and lower (or more and less evolved and aware) structures of consciousness, and that we, as individuals and societies, can grow to higher levels in progressive stages or waves of development.” -Integral Life Practice

If stages were not higher or lower than that would be flatland.

True. I just mean in the beingness ‘line’. It is not seen as higher and does not develop in higher stages… its deeper stages… into true reality… your right that developmental lines DO evolve, mainly in the psychological/cultural/systemic/social developmental lines which integral is all about and what that quote may be about. Consciousness can develope too through stages yes. But ‘higher consciousness’ or ‘beingness’ can also be achieved suddenly at any stage. An example, could be indigo children… they are awakened as young children. They do NOT have the higher stages developed such as languages/psychological development but they are very aware and ‘conscious’ already… how do we explain this… did they skip all the stages… no… that’s not possible they are just deep in their beingness… which is the most important part of consciousness… is beingness. and possibly because of is… they can learn and develop the stages very quicker than other… as if they inherently know them…

The difference between Consciousness/psychological development is often seen as having stages and ‘beingness’ is often seen as having ‘deepening’ … these being closely related and making the distinction between the two I think is what is one lesson from the ‘unified stage’

I think integral would say. Oh you have a temporary ‘state’ experience… but what happens when they hold onto that ‘state’ experience and not let go… indigo kids… bill murray lol. That’s what happens.

Thanks I just bought spiral dynamics in action and the older version. I can see a bit through the turquoise lense value and “cognitive wise” especially when reading cook-greuters paper.

I’ve been reading about mbti and other self-lines since I am young now, almost 10 years starting from 16 I am turning 25 this year. Doing my masters next year, my family situation overall was not very benefical to my biological and biographical upbringing. So, I had to work on that the last few years and went and lived in china, started meditating and journaling which just worked wonders.

Integral psychology seems to descirbe stages above turqouise.

I know all of this I am following integral theory now for two years, listening to the audiobook kosmic consciouness at least 10 times, spiral dynamics at least 4 or 5 times, + others like integral spirturality, integral transformation + a bunch of youtube videos, integral meditation as an audiobook and a theory of everything, yet a theory of everything the audiobook version is just not good.

When Ken speaks it’s way more engaging and fun to listen to.

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The point is good ol’ Kurt,

You are right there are state stages which are not congruent with structure stages. So, state stages can be achieved even permanently in any of these levels. The point is I am not sure what exactly state stages are besides spiritual stages like samadhi or jhana or high levels of concentration and flow states.

The point is I am familiar with shinzen youngs mindulness system, which takes the mist out of mystecism. Yet, this is where the traditions shine, since they trained that for a thousand of years, what I mean are these mystic states.

I already accessed a state stage of coral through the use of psychedelics. Coral comes before teal, teal would be if I interepret things correctly, the subtle stage not the psychic which is coral. A unit with the world as a process, now that I feel more turqouise after meditating for 4 years daily almost with retreats as well as I can. I can sense after now feeling stable yellow, that turqouise is right there. The world feels more like a holographic pattern, that keeps repeating itself, like a curve bell of intelligence…

I am just very curious, I heard and listened to others descriptions, yet coral comes before teal. And nobody that I am writting with says anything about subtle, casual, psychic or non-dual descriptions which is a bit sad. Anyway this is where I am going with this … process.

Thanks a lot for this I looked right into it !