Starting a sangha

It is so nice to be with other Integral folks. This is my first time posting and just joined Integral Life a few days ago. I identify that I need this community to continue my growth. I was curious if:
Anyone is connected a local community of integral thinkers?
Is there a way to find people in your local area on here?

Hi @lxvythrs! Great question. I see that you live in Eugene; I am up in Portland. We had a community going here for a while but it recently fizzled. I did see that someone started a Eugene Integral meet up not too long ago, but it didn’t have too many members at the time. Not sure if you use Meetup but it may be worth a look.

We also have an online Zoom community where we meet on Thursdays and Sunday Mornings to discuss various Integral topics. We have a nice little international community. Feel free to email me at if you are interested. And let me know if you are in PDX sometime! I’ll introduce you to some one my Integral friends here :slight_smile:

Hey Ryan, Thanks for the invitation.

That is a good idea (re: Meetup). Any chance there is a way to see if there are members on here from Eugene? Or if that thread about the Eugene meetings is still online so I can contact them individually?

I am not familiar with Zoom. I will have to look into that.

We have a small (7) group in Kansas City that was begun years ago with a meetup account. We dropped the meetup due to the cost and because we like our little group so much that we prefer a personal connection for new people. So, you might check meetup.

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