Straight Pride Parades. Any Integral thoughts?


I saw that–quite the Freudian slip, huh?


When you are even a little bit frustrated or annoyed, when you register gain or loss, when you register hope or disappointment, all of that is evidence of your imprisonment, and anything of how you use your thinking or your feeling to justify your position blinds you to your imprisonment. What’s normal in this world is blindness and imprisonment. For someone to be free of both is most unusual.

Your way of relating in your experience is polarized. Your way of relating to what you regard as reality is polarized. You relate through negatives and positives, want and need. When you’re being what you really are – you, awareness, relaxed – you don’t relate at all to polarization. You’re incapable of want and need.

When you are relaxed, awareness relaxed, what’s intrinsic to you is that you deeply, all the way through, have need of nothing. You being that in the midst of your self, your mind, your personality, your life, is what it is for you, in your life, to be free: free of polarization within your forms. That’s you living being real. Being true to what you think and true to what feel – it doesn’t matter the clarity of your thinking/framework or the depth of your feeling – what you think and what you feel doesn’t tell you the deeper truth.


@Kurt Not getting what you are saying here or how it relates to the thread…