Subtle Practices and developing “esp”

Hello integralists,
I just watched the video of the daily Evolver where Jeff talks to Sean Esbjörn-Hargens about Exostudies. Sean mentions a book by Kurt Leland that includes practices to develop one’s skills for perceiving the subtle realm. I’m really interested in this but the book, The Multidimensional Human, seems unavailable. It’s $1000 on Amazon. Does anyone know where to get this book or similar guides to increasing our receptivity to subtle realities? I’m a meditator but never really had much in the way of subtle experiences. Really interested in developing this capacity, if only to prove to myself that there is some ontological reality to it.
How cruel of Sean to tease me with this book when I can’t get it! Lol. Please help.

Hello Jeff,
I loved the talk too and am very interested in the topic. I cannot help you finding the book, but I can recomment to you Eugene who is working a lot on the psychic abilities on an integral level: Let me know if you find the book or similar serious practice books!

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@Jeff_Sinclair, from what I see on the Amazon description of that book, at least some is based on the Seth Material. If you’re not familiar with that, it’s an expansive library of channeled works published by Jane Roberts and her husband Robert Butts back in the 60s-80s, up until she died.

There is a freely available list of the actual exercises that Seth taught available in PDF format here for free:

Seth’s teachings are very Integral themselves and I’m a big fan. His whole thrust is basically talking about the nuts and bolts of reality and how consciousness interacts with and influences reality. He even covers the whole idea of monads and parts, though he doesn’t use that specific language. What’s wild is that much of this was channeled through Jane Roberts before Ken had published his first book in 1977 (at least, according to Wikipedia). The Seth Material, Seth Speaks, and The Nature of Personal Reality were all published between 1970-4 and are considered the primary texts in all the Seth sessions.

On the astral projection side of things, there are a number of works available on Amazon that cover that, as well as a lot of active forums on the web where you can discuss experiences and get tips. As someone who has had those kinds of experiences in the past, they are very powerful for “waking up” levels of experience of which we may have been previously unaware. I probably wouldn’t be on my current spiritual path if it weren’t for some very strong dream and out of body experiences when I was in my early 20s.

Good luck!


Thank you so much Russ. Very exciting and just what I was looking for.