Synchrodestiny Moments

I am not sure how many are you familiar with the this term that Deepak Chopra coined. It connects the idea of synchronicity and how it plays a part in revealing a direction to those that are mindful of chance encounters. It was also idea popularized in Celestine Prophecy.

I am interested to know if others are willing to share current synchrodestiny moments that they are experiencing. I believe one of the things I am discovering my connecting myself with other integralists is it seems to increase the possibilities of these moments.

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Synchronistic experience has been common in my life and while I have never heard of this particular term, ‘synchrodestiny,’ I can relay a very recent experience related to it.

I needed to make a decision about a direction I would take with a personal matter; the direction I was rationally and intuitively leaning towards I recognized as still being a gamble of sorts, requiring some “luck” on my part to be successful (or good karma, whichever way you want to view it).
Which launched me into an unusual inquiry about the status of my luck and will I have good luck in this matter? bad luck? neutral luck? I spent close to 36 hours contemplating this, praying, and all the other things I do spiritually to arrive at answers. At the end of all that, I was maybe 60% sure “luck” would be with me, more than 50-50 odds, but not good enough. I prayed some more about it, then let it go.

Just a day or two later, I was standing in line in a store. There was a man and woman in front of me, and I felt really drawn to the man, who was a very large, traditionally-dressed Indian. When the woman left, I struck up a brief conversation with him, which culminated with him writing his name and phone number on a piece of paper and asking me to call him that evening. To my delight, his last name was “Goodluck.”

I now felt 100% that luck was with me, even as I recognized the role of belief in the situation: I believed, for one thing, that my prayers and other spiritual activity related to the status of my luck would be answered; I believed this was the answer, and that belief had at least some influence on things going forward. For if that encounter wasn’t enough, a neighbor invited me to a large public event a day or so later. Not usually my thing, but I went, they had a raffle, and I won. That was followed by a couple more “lucky” events, more than enough to satisfy my mind that I would have good luck in going in the direction I had been leaning. (And of course I recognized that simply by now focusing on ‘good luck,’ that I was experiencing more of it.)

My own experience with synchronicity is that it is much more common when the distance between inner and outer in one’s consciousness is narrowed, i.e. when we are closer than usual to unity consciousness (or even when we’re just contemplating or thinking a lot about there being no difference in the ultimate scheme of things between inner and outer, self and other, etc.) And I think some of what is called synchronicity is really just psychic experience; for instance, the example of thinking of someone who you haven’t thought of in a long time, and they call. There are other perspectives on this as well.

I believe there is a podcast with Corey at Integral Life on synchronicity that people may want to check out.

I was walking down to the library the other day and discovered an un-attended $5 bill. Was I lucky? Was the big man upstairs giving me an wink-wink, knudge-knudge for being an good lad? I’m not sure.

Honestly. Synchronicity occurs all the time, but there are some states we can enter where we can catch an glimpse of “it” more easily. I dont know if such states are compatible with everyday life, meaning, I dont know if being close to unity consciousness and, say, going to the grocery store is always going to be pleasant due to the fact that one’s aura can get all too easily contaminated.

@LaWanna Thank you for sharing that. I will have to check out that podcast.
@dan_the_dreamer welcome Dan! Did you consider the $5 bill a synchronicity?

It’s a fascinating idea that we can have intentions for our lives, put them out to the universe and listen/watch for a response.

Its official. Integral has now just become a soap box for green ideas to feel justified and feel like they on top of the evolution food chain… the more popular integral theory gets… the more green dilutes the teachings… I’ve watched this web site slide away from integral teachings into green slanted articles for a long time now… is it because green sells and it is trying to get more subscribers… kinda sad… rip integral :frowning:

@Kurt How does your take relate to this thread?

Excellent. I use it all the time.

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Welcome @JohnLClose Do you have an example?