Teaching Integral Meditation


I would like to teach Integral Meditation. Does anyone have a course/program suggestion with regard to where to start my journey?


Hey @EdEnck, I highly recommend Ken’s Full Spectrum Mindfulness course as a fantastic introduction to integral mediation. We are also currently working on an Integral Dharma course with Ryan Oelke, which should hopefully be ready in just a month or two!

Here’s a link to the FSM course:


And here’s a great introduction to the approach:


Wow Corey! I did not expect to get a response from the man himself! It’s an honor.

My KW studies started with his first live week long leadership seminary with Ken, Roger and Fred Kaufman (like 20 years ago) and continued with Jeff S. and Hue L. doing a weekly Integral Kata in Boulder.

Thanks to life time subscriptions I am about half way through Evolutionary Dynamics and Full Body Mindfulness. I will look forward to Integral Dharma!

Best, Ed