The 3 2 1 shadow process


Hellp everyone , after being part of the integral community i have been practicing the 3 2 1 shadow process , but what I am experiencing is that is am ascribing the qualities which irritates me about other people to myself , like i am narcissistic , i am angry , i am rude , i am getting depressed and demotivated and feeling like i am worthless , does it happen while doing this process , and what can I do to deal with it ?


I would say, yes that happens, and what I do is go through the process and this time love and accept those qualities in yourself and the other.


Michelle brought up a very important point about loving and accepting those qualities in yourself. All humans have shadow content and darker aspects of personality within them even the Dalia Lama! Our cultural conditioning can contribute to repressing and projecting those qualities because they are considered “Undesirable” and must be avoided. That always comes back to us in the strangest ways.

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Honestly, I see the 3-2-1 process as more of a maintenance type of exercise.
Like if your house is already clean, and you just need to sweep and mop and dust.

3-2-1 isn’t going to get at anything deeply imbedded or pervasive. But that’s just my opinion and will probably ruffle at least one person’s feathers.

I use methods from at least three other organizations that do extremely deep work, both on myself and with others. Working with others is critical in my opinion because they can (gently) call me out on my bs or when it looks like I am hiding something from myself. And since we are all skilled facilitators, we can handle the triggers in each other when they come up and that builds an increasing level of trust, which is a huge requirement as well.