The Art and Practice of Happiness

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Watch as Dr. Keith Witt, Jeff Salzman, and Corey deVos take an in-depth look at the art of happiness, exploring some of the central perspectives and practices that can lead to a more happy, wise, and fulfilling life.

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Thank you for sharing your heart, Corey.
I am feeling inspired by the vision you, Keith, and Jesse shared of Maslow Social Democracy.
Perhaps the next wave in the Ocean of Oneness?
Dianne Pierson

two questions: introvert vs extrovert, you two obviously extrovert and approach life much differently to someone, such as myself as old introvert, quite content on reclusion, but nevertheless, try as a matter of will to prevail over the aspect of my god given shadow, to continue to participate,

2nd question, I am quite white as most of the participants in this forum, and have followed the site for many years and of course love it, but me living in a non-white environment, presents some quite different scenarios as to living in northern CA or Boulder etc. so for one example as to dealing with the “happiness equation” say for personal example, brown neighbor aggressive pitbull dog attack me, then I respond with will kill the dog, which didn’t happen but then there are some issues with the diminishment of quality of life, being a minority in a non-white environment blah blah blah, and of course a lot of movies with this theme, so what about the psychological elements, upper insight and lower shadow, related to this one and of course most simple answer “move, get out of dodge” but cannot be so if the world is to change.