The Coronation by Charles Eisenstein

Dear IL community. I Wanted to start a conversation on Charles Eisenstein’s recent essay The Coronation. Curious to learn your thoughts?


This is a long but exquisite essay, I thought, far-reaching in what it covers and posing a lot of questions for reflection. Thank you Robert for bringing it to our/my attention. While much of what he speaks of aligns with my own thinking (war on death, for example, or our incessant attempts to control externals), I appreciated hearing other material, such as the ‘conspiracy theories’ as I haven’t been as attuned to that, and when one reads them with a fairly open-mind, you can better understand their attractiveness to certain people/mindsets. The last 3-4 paragraphs were most meaningful to me, in that I view Covid-19 similarly, as an initiation of sorts for humanity. Initiation processes as he points out usually begin with a separation (from normality or others), then proceed to present a dilemma or ordeal (sometimes breakdown), and if successfully navigated, lead to re-integration/celebration and a sharing of lessons learned with community. I personally view the pandemic as possible prelude/dry run for what’s to come with further climate change, if that situation isn’t better addressed, and wonder if climate change, and not the virus, will be the “ordeal” phase of initiation. Of course, greenhouse gas emissions are decreasing with all the “lockdowns” so maybe things will not progress to climate catastrophe. Hopefully. I loved his translative term and explanation for the novel coronavirus pandemic: a new coronation for all. Hopefully.

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LaWanna - What I enjoyed about The Coronation was that the pandemic can be the inflection point where what we do now will steer our destiny in powerful and irrevocable ways. I’m afraid however that everything is being done to get back to normal as quickly as possible and simply postponing the correction phase that is inevitable. What part of the articles testing the conspiracy waters did you find interesting? Did you listen to Dr. Tom Cowan’s theory on the virome?
I also listened to Corey And Robb’s recent webcast and was inspired with Corey’s observation to 'Double down wherever you have skin in the game and commit to Beauty, Truth, and Goodness! Hope all is well.

Hi Robert. All is well! Thank you. For you too, may it be. Yes, we’re hearing that word ‘normalcy’ or normality a lot, aren’t we? I always think of that saying, ‘normal doesn’t mean sane.’ The other words I’m hearing and reading a lot are ‘blame’ and ‘fault.’ While there’s plenty of that to go around, I’d really like it if the simple word ‘responsibility’ were used a little more instead. Changes the conversation, and its tone.

The material on conspiracies in Eisenstein’s article was interesting to me simply because I haven’t paid a whole of attention to conspiracy theories. Reading references to the studies by ‘reputable’ organizations (Gates and Rockefeller Foundations) that lay out how an authoritarian government/country might respond to a hypothetical pandemic, and then seeing the list Eisenstein provided of the ways during this pandemic (and prior) that individual liberties are curtailed–well, I just have a better appreciation for how people with mindsets already oriented in the direction of conspiracy theories could make hay with the pandemic.

No, I haven’t listened to Cowan’s theory. What’s interesting there?

Yes, the Great Release podcast was great. And yes, Corey offers some vibrant messaging. He’s sort of the HUB-apparent at the IL WHEEL, keeps everything ROLLING ALONG, connecting as he does with all those different Integral SPOKESpeople. (Caps in case my wheel metaphor wasn’t clear) :wheel_of_dharma: :slightly_smiling_face: