The deep longing for a community to facilitate a tier 2 life




First off, this is my first post here. I found this site through a meetup-group. Having read some of the posts here, I am curious and a bit anxious about sharing some of the thoughts and ideas I have. Spiral Dynamics has been inspiring in my life to say the least. What I want to share more about is my own vision and dream for tier 2, which I also share with my partner. We are co-creating it more fully still, and I would also love to hear more about your own longing for community. If what I wrote resonnates with you, you can just send me a message or something and we’ll talk about it.

I’ll start off with something I find useful to understand how I might have this vision, where my inspiration comes from. It is much more complex and detailed of course, and I am writing this in English, not my mothertongue Norwegian. So it lacks a certain flair, but I’ll try my best.

To sum it up; vulnerability and limitations.
I am inspired by my own inabilities to finish studies or to work “normally”, and being on disability benefit since last year. By the understanding of how little I understand, and also the many fears and programming I have. Furthermore I am inspired by the relational magic I experience with my partner, who I met 5 years ago, and how much more I and she are able to accomplish as two.

So vulnerability and limitations are the key elements I believe in. In my vision of reaching an integral, holistic tier 2, I see myself deeply connected and imbedded in a community striving towards the same goal, furthermore embedded in a bigger community with which we share some parts of life, and so forth.

I am focusing here on this small circle of people though, that can help me not only find and connect with myself more fully, but sustain and uphold the energy/Consciousness needed to reach tier 2, if at all. And for me to hold the space for others. And to me this needs to be done in proximity, physical, bodily closeness. Living and breathing interconnectedness. It is through my own inability to manage and do certain things, but also the realization that I may be able to with the thorough presence of others, and for me to do the same for others.

Holding space for the vulnerability in me opens up the notion of growth limits. How much I would need, in broad terms, to change and grow, without depleting my potential or my body to do so. And it is a lot. So in that regards, having others closely around me to share this with, adds another stone to my shelter, another ice-cube to the iglo. And without it, I am not sure if it is right to try to grow. Without the necessary prerequisites for growth, am I not just maiming myself? As an ENTP and quick learner, I find novel understandings intriguing. Like a video called «The Living Universe». But in the last year noticing how draining it is to hold space for something that encompasses my whole life. I am not able to, and I am drained. It is like trying to be the whole rainbow, when I am just the colour red. So, how would things be if I could hold my tiny part of the transition together with others? I believe it would be relaxing in a totally new way, and is what I envision as well.

There is confusion and stuff I don’t understand of course, but this is something I believe in wholeheartedly. I am searching for people to do this with with the same vigour and persistence I would a life-partner, but with less desperation, wants and together with someone else as well. In Spiral Dynamics terms, I am drawn towards Turquoise, and the We I envision is a first and foremost a little group of people, like small cells, getting together and opening up for the possibility of connection on a more fundamental level. Like the difference between ten cells and a liver.

So there you have it, even though I could elaborate on alot of it, I guess this is as ‘deep’ I am comfortable going atm.

I would love to hear from others expressing their longings for community, and if this resonnates with you, just send me a message or something as well and we could talk some more.



Welcome to block new kid, you nailed it right, every word of yours was doing an explosion , some small some big, no doubt you have come to the right place, consider me in a same boat, in a slightly different water of my universe. I’ll DM you we can ZOOM if you are ok