The Future of Consciousness, Culture, and Technology

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What future we are imagining for ourselves, for the integral movement, and for the impact of the integral vision on our shared future? With all the emphasis we see in spiritual communities about the importance of being in the NOW, it can be easy to forget how important it is to keep a careful eye on the future. After all, aren’t our thoughts about the future just another way to distract ourselves from connecting to our true selves in this present moment?

This is a very narrow selection of people and only in a narrow selection of Spiritual Communities.

As a Guru would say - where else can you be? You are in now, and it’s impossible to be anywhere else, so it’s nonsense to try to live in the Now. It’s like saying try to live on Planet Earth. Where else can you live? Just accept reality and stop pretending that you have any choice other than to live in planet earth now.

Modern people are trying to make up all kinds of interesting stories about consciousness. There is no future of consciousness. Consciousness is now. All the rest is intellect trying to make up interesting stories and make itself feel important about something the intellect cannot understand or control but it wants to.