The integral vision pdf version of the book

I have just become a member and downloaded the free pdf book.
My copy seems to be faulty and i would like to hear from other members if there is a better copy:
For example:

  • page 117 Figure 15 there is no illustration at all
  • Many more instances of missing illustrations - page 119 - ‘artists conception’ is blank.
  • After the “Chapter 5 spiritual but not religious” blue page i have FIVE blank pages before a blue page starting with “Glib answers…”
  • There are many instances of blank white pages.
  • pdf page nr173 is all black
    and so on and on -
    I did try downloading it a second and third time hoping that this would improve things.
    The pdf is 18.6Mb

Any ideas? Is this a MacBook problem?
Thank you

I have compared the ‘free’ download to the first fifty pages offered as a preview on Google Books.
Indeed the free download offered to members of Integral Life is defective and incomplete.
The many many blank pages mentioned above should show photos and illustrations.
Also important diagrams and figures are missing so that the reader can make no sense at all of what Ken
is trying to say.

Please let us have the complete pdf.