The Latest Video of Ken Wilber on Science and Non-Duality - New Insights I Want to Share


Hello Everyone,

I have been drawn here through the latest video of Ken Wilber on the new idea he shared about Growing Up and Waking Up distinction.

The funny thing is I was listening to this video between Growing up and Waking Up.
At the start I listened until 20 minutes and moved on doing something else, then I woke up through a spiritual teacher to the Non-dual awareness a bit after, come back to the video and completely integrated its great perspective of evolution, meaning what is of the greatest interest:“Integral and Non-dual”.

What I am interested to share with you about this video, is that the majority of the population is probably as Ken said ethnocentric. And the fate of the population is about the dividing line between ethno and world-centric.
But I believe that there are no real coincidences in evolution and that everything happen according to parameters and line of reasoning beyond the grasp of anyone because of its ancient distant choices beginning from the existential birth of each one of us.
(And I know all is well)

What we can understand is on the how, not the why of “why this person and no this one”, ultimately we can’t understand why this person has decided those chains of choices and why this person is born existentially this way. Luck? Maybe.

If you have new insights coming up from this topic on how much impressive this video feels for you, I would be interested to hear them and see if growth can happen on that level in here.

My real name is not Magic, but I like to see myself that way.
Ken talks about magic as a pre-stage of development, but magic itself has its own stage, going from voodoo - more basic or black magic - to a more inclusive holistic capacity like white magic.

Also, the key of growth for me is to “consider”.

With Love and understanding,

Magic :star:

ps: It is a media topic that extends towards reflection on the intelligence of growing up and possible new ideas concerning the World we live in based on Ken’s perspective. I want it to be the basis of reflections for your own ability to grasp what I am saying. I brought here my understanding and see how you respond to it. Even if there are not much to say, I just want to plant a ground.


Hi Magic,

I also saw that video on SAND. For the past several months, I have been exploring various topics and speakers featured on SAND, finally joining here because I wanted
to more than passively consume media, and overall this community seems like the best fit for me. I read a few KW books in mid-1990s, then got distracted by a very orange lifestyle till recently. Now, approaching retirement, I’m getting back to my more youthful interests in spirituality and social theory.

My feeling about “magic” (and quite a few other things frankly), is there is an “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” dimension to personal development. Namely, we all recapitulate Gebser’s stages of magic, mythic, mental, etc., but we fool only ourselves if we think we leave previous stages behind entirely. So although I’m feeling rather post- postmodern on the whole nowadays, I see no contraction in experiencing a bit of magic in walks in the woods and similar forms of inspiration.

Re: the SAND video on growing up versus walking up specifically, it was valuable and it steered me away from a few reifications and misconceptions I have been flirting with lately.