The new Integral Life Community platform

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We are very happy to announce the launch of our new Integral Life Community platform, which you can find on, and is available to everyone for free.

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Let us know what you think of the new community platform!

What platform are you using? Would be awesome if there were an app, but I know that’s exceedingly difficult (and expensive).

Hey Tim, welcome to the community!

We are actually using the Discourse platform, which does have an app, though I have not tested it yet. The site also works really well on mobile as is. Let me know if you have more questions!

Oh cool. Definitely try out if things get rolling here. I worked on a community with my ex-wife a few years ago…used vBulliten and was supposed to come with app but the app never really worked, developers were slow to fix. She had been a high level mod then admin for years in a cloth diaper/mommy community and there was a revolt. It became untenable. So we started the alt community and it swelled to 800 members very quickl. Started getting ad revenue and everything. BUT…it ultimately failed because of the app. Mobile version notwithstanding, people just didn’t want to use without an app and slowly migrated back to the original place because…they had one. So, food for thought. This was like 2014 and I at that point was like, wow, that’s the advance of technology. That (in my opinion) minor edge of convenience just killed it. Anyway hope it gets rolling and would love an app :grin:

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Very good to know, thank you for sharing your experience here. The app-based approach is definitely one of the things I live about platforms like Slack, which we may also bring online down the road as a chat component of the Integral Life Community.

That said, I am responding right now via the Discourse app on iPhone, and it seems to be working great — though the difference from the mobile version doesn’t seem to be very obvious.

Hello Corey! Congratulations, the site looks great and I look forward to participating in the community and to enjoy the courses and other features!

Exciting development. This feels like a monumental leap. I’m looking forward to connecting!

Well this is exciting. I’ve been trying using Steemit as an option for fb but have not found discussions, so far, even vaguely as interesting as my first 5 minutes here. So thank you Corey! “I’ll be back!”