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I am extremely busy… however I also have a lingering idea. It is the idea that integral community is held back, to some degree, by the fact that most of our online engagements consists of either “philosophical conversation” or “reception of packaged integral media content”. These are obviously not enough to form community in the classic sense of that word. Thus I have often considered setting up something like craigslist – in which buying, selling, hiring and dating are elevated to a status equivalent to asking question and proffering opinions. Would you like to privilege the general integral sensibility in your workplace? In who you do business with? In the relationships you try to start? These seem like critical roots for community. |

Yet I am busy and this takes time, money and mental energy. Is it worth it?

Would anyone really LIKE me to start such a marketplace? Or is it merely a intellectual tool for critiquing us forward in our discussions?


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Hi extremely busy Layman with a lingering idea,

You know what they say: “build it, and they will come.” Something like you’re describing here has never been on my “wish list,” but I imagine if such a thing existed, I would check it out.

I’m not sure what you mean by “…buying, selling,…elevated to a status equivalent to asking questions and proffering opinions” ?

Hey LP, just a heads up that Ken and I have also been talking about spinning up a platform like this. You and I should talk privately, so we don’t step on each other’s toes at all.

For what it’s worth I am engaged in starting an integral digit tool platform that might have some crossovers here too. We are already actively prototyping some base ideas. I signed up to talk with Integral Ventures next month…just to put our company on your radar.