The Power of Vulnerability: Embracing an Integrated Masculinity

Men today lack positive models of masculinity. We have cut-off and repressed archetypes on one side, and overly sensitive and ineffective ones on the other. The cost of this is taking its toll on men’s health, longevity, and overall happiness.

Most men are closed off to their deeper care of themselves and the world. They are often afraid of their anger, or don’t understand it. They’ve never experienced the clarity of anger, and how the two – clarity and anger – are powerfully different. Problems with wives and partners and work and kids all seem intractable. They self-soothe by tuning out with alcohol, TV, excessive exercise, social media, or video games. And their lives pass them by.

Most men don’t know how to communicate in a way that gets them more of what they want. They posture to cover up their vulnerability (which exists in all humans but is often unconscious for them) — or they collapse into it and wallow in being a victim. One kind of man suffers silently, cut off, and never feels much except anger and disappointment. The other one whines about how nothing is his fault, and never accomplishes much of anything.

There is a way out.

In this insightful discussion, Keith Martin-Smith addresses the misconceptions around male vulnerability, emphasizing its role as a source of strength and authenticity. He explores the transformative impact of embracing vulnerability on men’s emotional health, relationships, and societal perceptions of masculinity. This episode offers a roadmap for redefining masculinity, guiding men towards a more fulfilling and authentic expression of themselves, breaking free from the constraints of traditional stereotypes.

I was a little surprised that Junpo gave you relationship advice because when I read your Junpo book, relations with women was the one thing he never got right.