The Psychology of Kink: Transforming Sexual Drives Into Art

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A LOT of adults are into kink, & studies show those people are happier, more resilient & conscientious. Join Dr. Keith Witt and Corey deVos as we explore the psychology of kink as a way to transform our sexual drives into art, adding to the sum total of love in the universe.

Emphasizing the healthy and happy face of kink (e.g. safe, sane, consensual), this was an informative, conscientious, and sensitive approach, both light-hearted and serious, to an intimate subject which Dr. Witt and Corey opened up and presented as the perfect valentine–one felt some pure love. Very cool, very warm, very classy.

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My first thoughts on this topic reading just the headlines was , “Really? Is this where IT is heading? Conservatives already think were Woo Woo.” So today I looked at the video at least the 9.5 minute public version.
I have to say the tone and sensitive presentation of the subject matter was good. Keith is possibly right in that all of us have kink to various degrees. That the tabboos we’ve grown up with inhibit much of our behaviour resulting in unfulfilment and a range of other negative thoughts and emotions.

It will be an interesting discussion if it comes up at Sydney Integrals.