The Ra Contact and AQAL density?

I love AQAL and I am constantly trying to figure out if there are any missing components. Has any read or listened to The Ra Contact material at I love the concept of densities of consiousness from it, and it’s own explication a developmental order that could be in a body, or a non-physical orientation to it as a cultural group entity of signifiant and harmonized at the density of 4 and above. I think that is what is happening on Earth, a huge polarization. What do people think?

The “Law of One” stuff is kind of, well, green (in the SD color scheme). It’s in the vein of “law of attraction” psychobabble. The unification formulated by Complex Integral Realism fits into the AQAL map and covers the bases that you mentioned in your post. It’s also backed up by the best natural science, social theory, phenomenology, and hermeneutics available to us and integrates them with detail and precision. There might possibly be some elements of this Ra Contract that can offer enhancements on top of what has already been established by that unification metatheory, but I doubt it. The ocean has not been boiled. More work does need to be done to address the Hard Problem of Consciousness. A few of us, including myself, are looking into how Gregg Henriques’ Unified Theory of Knowledge can fit into AQAL and also comport with Complex Integral Realism. There are people who are actively exploring parapsychology and possibly that could broaden our understanding of consciousness, the universe, and non-physical dimensions of reality. Those are the horizons of what is going on with enhancing AQAL as far as I know. “Law of One” material doesn’t often factor into this because its center of gravity is pretty much green.


Thank you so much for your response. When worlds/realities collide the most amazing thing can happen. To the best of my understanding Jane Roberts, the channel for Ra had a beautiful green level of understanding, so it would follow that even if The Law of One was perfectly transmitted it would produce a green level of understanding, and we know the limits of that perspective.

To me The Law of One is real, because I experience the real referents of it. I am trying to interpret it at an Integral level because I value speaking in the latest understanding.

I see matter spontaneously exist around me. It is a miracle. I can’t show others that because without the perspective I exist in, they would see an obfuscation. I am so pleased with Integral understanding because I can be at peace with being unable to translate something that others have not experienced.

I experience parallel realities where Integral Developments Stages may not be available or translatable and that is freeing and restricting at the same time. Correlation.

I have a friend who is very much into the Law of One, even while knowing that many of its precepts are grounded in eclectic green “woo” metaphysics. However, he remains convinced that, while the teachings may have emerged through green, and therefore has many new age trappings associated with it, it can nonetheless be re-interpreted along more integral lines. I only have a very cursory familiarity with the Law of One, and often put it on the same shelf as things like the Urantia Book — very interesting and often provocative stuff, but often difficult to separate from the contexts and metaphysical assumptions it emerged from. However, I am totally open to the idea that there is some essential core that can be re-interpreted and re-translated at higher (and likely lower) altitudes.

I personally think that the volume of new age thinking we saw in the 20th century is due to many similar factors that we are discussing in the Ontological Shock thread — how electronic information systems allowed for the proliferation of formerly esoteric content from any number of traditions, and the new kinds of pattern making (often flat and postmodern, at the green level) that resulted from this influx of esoteric information. The Tibetan diaspora, for example, had a pretty massive influence on the West, simply because it was a historic event that took place when these informational systems were already in existence. And because the West rejected so much of interior spirituality in its overreaction to the previous Amber stages it emerged from, there is a deep hunger for these kinds of esoteric perspectives and maps, and things like the Law of One emerged out of that hunger, and out of this new capacity for pattern-making as previously esoteric knowledge finds its way into our distributed intelligence.

So who knows, maybe integral pattern recognition can find new ways to re-integrate the core teachings of something like Ra! I’d say there are even integral ways to transclude the “Law of Attraction”, even if we are negating the solipsistic and deeply narcissistic idea that thoughts create reality.


Where did my favorite post from Sidra go to?

Am very curious about the Law of One and the energetic science(s) behind it. Also curious about how consciousness interacts with the human biofield to create Oneness energetically as an endowed human capability beyond Agency. It seems to me that the key ideas of Oneness as experienced within our current (limited) range of perception are much easier to intuit than to verbalize. The science is just so pure at those non-verbal levels. I get a lot out of listening to Dr. Robert Gilbert, PhD on these topics – whose interviews with Danica Patrick are amazingly pure, conscious, and riveting to the max. It’s a portal into nous.

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The interesting thing of the Ra content and similar, such as Abraham Hicks and others is this: They use these names to establish a kind of “Authority”. Ra, ancient Egyptian and Abraham, ancient Hebrew.
The nature of authority is that “one knows something better than another, so listen to figure A because it has more legitimacy than figure B”
This is to teach that “We are One”.
It’s a very interesting dynamic to not believe we are all one until someone we believe separate and superior to us tells us we are one.

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I like the phrase Unifying Diversifying.

The Law of One Is God Without A Cloak. The God Of America Is The Red Green Falacy.