The Relationship Between Human Civilization and the Biosphere

Hello everyone,

Our relationship to the biosphere and how our lifestyles in modern industrial nations and beyond impact it are issues that have been on my mind for years. Simplifying my life in many ways has been something that I’ve worked at over time. Simplification can be challenging and requires growth and transformation in all Quadrants. Who/what am I and what are my needs and desires, are they healthy, what relationships and systems do they support, etc. For most this is a daunting task and many I talk to will get overwhelmed if I bring up the bigger picture of our existence and how it’s all interconnected. They often will glaze over and want to change the subject to something more superficial like the score of the last nights baseball game or what they’re watching on Netflix. I don’t get invited back to the party all that often unless it’s my closer group of friends that enjoy talking about the “big stuff of life” and the existential crises we face.

This panel discussion is with Daniel Schmachtenberger, Joseph Owle, and Nate Hagans.


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yeah. It’s inconceivable how people in general don’t want to recognize that concrete does not photosynthesize to generate Oxygen. There are also a dozen other ways that surrounding yourself with plant life is healthy.

Then everyone is looking for other people to make some Big Solution to the problem that will make everyone happy then insist that the status quo of concrete and plastic living is “happy” and worthy of being preserved. The Global North is addicted to a lifestyle that is killing itself. Like all addicts, they don’t recognize their self destruction is even a problem.