The Transformation Age: America Burning

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America has been on fire these past few weeks. A nation struggling with its racist past, its contemporary racial shadow, its deep political and cultural polarization, and a divisive president who will never be capable of leading a nation, we continue to find ourselves in the heart of The Great Release (and this time, not from an economic depression or disease pandemic, but from our deep and terrible racist heritage). In this brief article, I want to use a few lenses of integral metatheory—concepts you’ll be familiar with, but applied in ways you’ve never seen before—to see if we can get a broader view of what’s happening.


We are witnessing the collapse of Marxism. The Burning is their own body as they attempt one final time to transform their biggest competition, Freedom as institutionalized in America.
Marxism is summed up in the Encarta Reference Library as “a theory in which class struggle is a central element of social change in Western societies the dominant feature is public (Government) ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange (money)."
The White Man is the Bourgeois and the Brown Man is the Proletariat.
Divide and Conquer.
Power Corrupts.
The most well intentioned good hearted person will be corrupted by the Power Of Government. Your solution mentions nothing of the corruptive power of Government which is the Legal Right To Initiate Violent Force and Engage In Coercion.
Do you really want this kind of Government? It is not equal and real equality is in Rights and nothing more.
How do you propose to reduce the corruption in Government whom you want to give all this power over all of our lives?
You never really identify WHY America has been burning? I can assure you that it has nothing to do with Black Lives that only seem to matter to those in Government when they need their vote.
Last year there were 40 unarmed Americans that were shot and killed by Police. 10 of them were black and 20 of them were white.
How did the Police and Prosecuting Attorneys Acquire Immunity? From the Career Politicians who give them their policies. Those very same Career Politicians also give themselves Immunity.
The Supreme Court just recently Up Held this corrupt Immunity. Judges are Life Time Career Politician Appointed Positions of Power. You think they might be a little biased?
America is Burning not because of Racism, but rather from Corruption within the Halls of Justice and the Halls of Government. Racism is a foil for the masses to distract from the Corruption.

In the end, it seems, you want to use the Power of Government to Force your Agenda just like those currently in power.

You will fail just as they have.

An honest study of history gives us a Model that works. The Republic of Genoa prospered for all classes, even the Poor for 700 years with Real Term Limits given to their Political Class, the Dodge.

I like the reference to holons. As I understand it, a holon includes the lower levels.
What I see is that Green in the USA is not a Holon of all Orange, Red and Amber in the US - only selective sectors. Green in the past 30 years has been a complete rejection of complete sectors of Orange Red and Amber. So for example, the Amber of Feminism excludes many men’s core identities and values. The Amber of affirmative action excludes non-minorities.
Many times it’s just “dropping the ball” on messaging. BLM does not exclude, but somehow is perceived (projected) that it does. On a level that some might see as trivial, new movies and entertainment coming out do not add and include old beloved franchises, but replace and exclude. (for example, turns out Han Solo is a terrible father and Luke Skywalker a bad person). Again, it may sound silly, but it’s important to remember that these are archetypal subconscious journeys that a huge portion of our population took in their formative childhood years - and they are being turned into “bad guys” and the representative populations feel excluded and deeply offended with each new movie released.
The results are seen in elections that 45-50% of participating voters are vehemently anti-green. I once thought that it was just boomers and they would just die out, but more and more I see young people also completely rejecting the Orange within the Green holon that completely alienates them.
Any teal messaging or movement has to completely understand this through and through.