The Varieties of Integral Spiritual Experience

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Watch as Ken and Corey explore the path of Waking Up — a guided tour through temporary states of consciousness that include everything from emotional states to chemically-induced states to the direct, immediate experience of timeless reality, revealing an infinitely renewable source of energy, resilience, and creative inspiration that rests at the very center of you.


A pleasure to listen to.

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I think I am on the right page here. Figuratively and otherwise. I just wanted to comment on an aspect of this group of “transmissions” that struck me. As Ken was laying out and building up the embodiment map per say- I remembered a vivid experience I had on a LSD trip many decades ago. I was listening and able to follow closely what Ken was saying. Probably with the help of that drug so long ago. From awareness to joy of being to the crashing through into one is everything. There was for me an inexperience I would guess that led to a very unpleasant (bad trip) of controlling that all inclusive feeling. And dare I say embodiment which is more or less foisted on one with the aide of pharmaceuticals. This, condition of the ego taking “credit” for the wholeness of everything is known more broadly I believe as the original sin of the devil. The interesting thing then for me is how evil is taken up just before the embodiment segment here on the Ken Live show. It probably would have helped that rough experience I had. At that young age my sense of evil was not developed, except from the external perspective. As in when something bad happens to you. And even then it seemed, how would you know it was actually evil, not happenstance. Confronting evil internally as a left quadrant thing was dumbfounding as it were. Thank you for the whole discussion itself, liberating in oh so many ways.

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Genuinely appreciate the Ken Show; a belated ‘thank you’ for another great episode.

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