The War on Human Consciousness: The Truth about Ken's Illness

60% of the Human Genome (our DNA) is now infected and mutated by XMRV (Xenotropic murine leukemia virus–related virus).

It is this rodent retrovirus that causes the autoimmune disease ME/CFS from which Ken suffers.

HIV is also Retrovirus.

These retroviruses can cause Cognitive, Psychological & Behavioural development to be retarded, this directly effects ones Spiritual Development.

Thus, the intentional infection of our species with Simian & Rodent Retroviruses constitutes a direct attack on Human Concsiousness.

This being the case, the debates on this site about Politics & other 1st Tier concerns are now Moot. Global mandatory COVID 19 vaccination is a more serious threat than climate change, nuclear war, trade, politics et al. If we do not speak up now on this issue the fate of our children & their children will be sealed.

Dr Andrew Wakefield, a British Doctor who first spoke out about how the MMR vaccine is killing & harming babies, estimates that if we do not nip this in the bud, in 20 years 1 out of every 2 people will be effected by ME/CFS & Autism. Those who are not effected will have to take care of those who are, the entire global economic system will have to adapt to this reality.

In her latest book, “Plague of Corruption”, Dr Judy Mikovitz, one of the worlds most honest & competent Virologists who has had her life & career destroyed for daring to tell the truth about Vaccinations, has laid out the Facts about the introductory statements I have made above.

Do not trust wikipedia or any mainstream sources though, the information about her has been fabricated. In fact i noticed a curiousity on wikipedia for the entry on her, it’s Locked so no one can edit. I have not seen that before on a wikipedia page.

If you want to verify my statements, i urge you to at least download the available sample of her book on your Kindle & read the introduction by Children’s Defense Advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Or go to the alternative to Youtube, ‘Bitchute’, and see her speak out in her own words.

According to Dr Mikovotz, COVID 19 is no more than a mild flu, AND, it is NOT a “Naturally Occuring” virus-[in fact she states that it would take 800 years for the Bat corona virus to mutate into human beings], the same is True for SARS & Ebola (yes, Ebola isn’t “Naturally Occuring” either).

Further, according to the CDC’s own website, the survival rate for this virus is 100% in age groups under 70 years. Therefore the global paranoia of this Pandemic is completey unjustified. This is a Political Agenda, not a Health one.

The implications of this Conspiracy REALITY for those of us who seek Development are Grave.

Look how it has effected the Integral Community. Ken can no longer travel nor interact with people face to face because of his infection. His vigour has been compromised. What could he achieve if Healthy? His work is a major catalyst in the Evolution of Human Consciousness, & he has been severly handicapped in that.
[I would urge Ken to get tested for XMRV & foreign Retroviruses]

An Immune System compomised by Retroviruses puts us at a disadvantage. They can cause both Emotional & Psychological disturbances to such an extent that they can directly interfere with Meditation & Mindfulness practice. They can cause inexplicable swings in mood from crushing depression to mania. Retroviruses act in the body by Confusing the Immune System. Psychoneuroimmunologically, this biological confusion causes the same in a person’s Mind, ie… “I do all this meditation & mindfulness practice, but I’m STILL not able to calm my emotions or mind! Why!”.

A Budd’ha is someone who has Woken Up to the Truth.

Their Perception of What IS, rather than the Unawakened’s Perception of What they are TOLD is, requires Courage to attain. [Maya, the wool that is pulled over our eyes to blind us from the truth.]

It takes Courage to Face the hard Truth without turning away or flinching. This is perhaps why the bulk of Guatama Siddhartha’s students were Kshatriya, of the Warrior Caste.

Fear makes us accept the comforting Lies of Maya, the Propaganda told to the people of the mainstream. If you want to Wake Up, you have to have the Courage to acknowledge The Truth, see the world for what it is, not what you are told it is. Right now people are being told there is a global health emergency when none exists.

Today, the Truth is that Human Consciousness is being Systematically & Deliberately corrupted by this unsafe & unscientific Agenda to Mandatorially Vaccinate all of us & corrupt the Human Genome (DNA) even further.

This is now Conspiracy Fact.

Go start checking with the sources I’ve mentioned first, inform yourself about retroviruses , how vaccines are made etc…then, Let the Debate begin.

Peace :v::sunflower:MJLS


Dr Andrew Wakefield has been totally discredited.He was described as dishonest and showing a callous disregard for the distress and pain of children. Look it up and check your facts.


Brilliant articulation, MJLS!

You have a thoroughly paranoid and demonic worldview. Who is behind this “war on humans”? Gates? Jews? Satan? Pedophiles? And why?

More on the Corona Conspiracy, in 18 parts (including Icke, Kaufman, Mikovits, plandemic, QAnon, Li-meng Yan, etc.):

You seem to know a lot about Ken’s health. Why are you so sure of yourself? Was he intentionally poisoned in your opinion? By whom or what?


That’s not the Truth Andrew.

I did check my sources repeatedly before making any comments. I suggest you check yours, & not wikipedia entries, they are fraudulent. Take another case in point Dr Judy Mikovitz. If you read her Wikipedea page you will see that she too has supposedly been discredited &; is a criminal but that too is a lie.

One of the hallmarks of an Integral Thinker is to research BOTH sides of a thing then find the Truth by understanding the context in which that thing exists.

In the case of these vaccines and the harm they are causing there are good &a
and honourable scientists saying the same thing, that the cell lines used to develop these vaccines is contaminated with SIV (Simian version of HIV) and XMRV (Rodent luekemia).

Dr Wakefeield was the first person to bring the dangers of the MMR vaccine to the publics attention, and point out that there are NO proper Double-Blind trials of these vaccines, yet, the British, American and Australian governments push for mandatory vaccination.

You can go to the German Federal Ministry of Health research facility, The Robert Koch Institute website andsee for yourself. They have actually done research on the health of vaccinated v unvaccinated children, I cannot attach the screenshots i took here unfortunately, if i could, you could see, unvaccinated children are healthier that is because their immune systems havent been compromised with non human retroviruses contained in vaccines.

I appreciate your reply, but you just SAYING that Dr Wakefield is discredited doesn’t make it the Truth. What is your source? Wikipedia? The government websites of Britain who have a vested interest in covering up their malfeasance?

Being able to discern Truth from Fiction is a necessary developmental level. Those still in the lower end of the Spectrum of Human Consciousness (Blue and below) have the trait of complying with authority figures without question. And a trait of Self Authoring minds at higher stages have an inclinatiin to be suspicious of group think and any orthodox frame, especially if involves billions of dollars in profits to a select few. That is why to progress, one needs to be able to hold two or more sides of an issue in mind and Integrate that knowing into a cohesive whole.

I was indifferent to this subject of vaccinations and the harm they cause until this year when i was forced by my university to have a Hepatitis B vaccination which made me, and is still making me ill. It was then that i used my tertiary training in how to evaluate research papers and look at both sides of the issue with equal weight. It took some time before it became apparent to me that the public is being blatantly lied to. I am NOT an “Anti-vaxxer”, i AM, “Pro-Science”. And the science says that Dr Wakefield, Dr Mikovitz et al are speaking the Truth. I suggest you include Your sources in any further replies or comments, then a proper debate can be had.


Interesting response Frank. Demons, Really? I expected better from the other members on this site , and, the title i used was to see what kind of Reactions and Responses and the stage of development those who comment might be at. And i have my answer.

You have included a link to a site referencing David Icke, that’s the Green Pathological response, calling people a Conspiracy Theorist or Nazi etc to win an argument without due regard to what is said. In the past i have been sent links to his videos and information and dismissed them. Lizards and such, nonsense really. So you equating my thoughts with his is spurious.

You, Me and everybody else has to be able to TRUST what we are being told when researching things online. One’s ‘Source’ is directly relevant to the accuracy of the conclusions you can draw, so that’s why i spent time watching and reading what Virologists and regular Doctors are saying about this issue of vaccinations and the C19 lockdowns. As well as what the mainstream is saying. It is the hallmark of an Integral Thinker to be able to hold in mind ALL the positions on an issue, the context in which it is occurring, and comprehend what’s actually going on.

Ken has an RNA disease. (Apparently from an environmental contaminant. If retroviruses were present in his system, the immune system can be compromised.)
He cannot get out of bed and is fatigued most of the time. These are the main components of myalgic encephalomyelitis, or ME/CFS. Dr Frank Ruscetti (who has supposedly been discredited too) was a primary researcher at the National Cancer Institute in the US. It is his research team (which includes Dr Judy Mikovitz, also supposedly disredited) that discovered the link between Retroviruses and prostate cancer. This led to further research and the role of retroviruses in ME/CFS. No other causal factors were discovered. So that’s where my certainty comes from Frank. Where does yours come from?
And do you now speak personally for Ken?
Perhaps he can weigh in here on this himself, after all it is his organisation.

Two people have made contrary comments on this post.

Neither of them have given any Scientific rebuttal of my proposition.

Neither of them have done what i suggested, ie, get BOTH sides of the story. Easily done, books are available.

You know Frank, i was going to go on and explain how similar corruption is present in the wholesale prescription of psychopharmalogical drugs (which personally destroyed my health and has taken me 20 years to get past thus my suspicion of faith in Mainstream i
explanations, Comforting Lies v Hard Truths and such), but i realised that you and the other commenter have already made your minds up, or to be more accurate, you’ve had your minds made up for you.

If you are talking about Demons and conspiracy theorists rather than the Science, and also, the possibility that a select few can control perception and profit in the billions from lying to the public and discrediting anyone they choose to, then I have exactly the feedback I intended.

This situation, the intentional corruption of the human genome for PROFIT should be of grave concern to all Integral Lifers.

And i say Intentional as i was trained and served in Law Enforcement. My investigation has sufficiently progressed to the point where the burdens of proof for Criminal actions in this are sufficient to me to hold my present opinion. Intention is a primary factor in Criminal prosecution. Means, Motive and Opportunity, these go toward revealing and proving intent.

The War part is a metaphor most a familiar with which is why i used it, akin to “The War on Drugs”, same concept.

The contaminants in these medical interventions can change your Personality. And without a stable Personality you cannot Develop yourself Spiritually, which is the entire purpose of Ken’s shtick.

It seems apparent to me Frank that you’ve already made your mind up and that’s not what this site/community promotes.
How about you actually go read the kindle sample available for free of “Plague of Corruption” to get a Counter positiin for your Confirmation Bias. Or perhaps say go to tbe website of The Robert Koch Institute of the German Federal Health Ministry and see wgat tbey have to say about tbe research tbey did which shows Unvaccinated chikdren are Healthier than the vaccinated ones…before you reply


This is the link to the NHS site (the UK’s national health service ) setting out in detail why Wakefield was discredited, the flaws which invalidated his research , the conflicts of interests he failed to disclose, and that his paper was withdrawn by the Lancet which originally published it.


I have to add here that I have been involved in ME/CFS (Ken’s illness) at both the national and local levels since 1986 when my son came down with it . Mykovits and crew are totally off base. The research into XMRV was flawed because the samples had been contaminated by mice. She is now part of a conspiracy theory group. XMRV is NOT the cause. People love to believe their “research” is accurate but they are operating in filter bubbles and don’t actually see anything outside them.


When I was on the board of the CFIDS association we were initially thrilled by Mikovits research and were SO hopeful of a cure. I would have tried anything to cure my son. But Mikovits was wrong and that was proved.


I definitely thought that Integral theory(e.g. SES and Integral Spirituality), being relatively difficult to understand cognitively, would pose a barrier to lots of the unfalsifiable memes on the internet. Apparently it’s not the case. As the Chinese idiom goes, “When the forest grows large, all kinds of birds migrate in here.”


Indeed, 林子大了什么鸟都有:smile::evergreen_tree::dove:

We are all fooling ourselves that we know the absolute truth, while from another’s perspective, it’s just yet another perspective.


Ken came down with ME/CFS in Tahoe California in a mysterious outbreak.
It would be interesting to know whether Ken had just received a vaccination. At this time there doesn’t seem to be any evidence to say either way. To everyone the cause of this outbreak remains a mystery. If he did receive a vaccine, and the rest of the lot did too, I would find this correlation highly interesting (apparently these types of things have occurred before correlated to an experimental vaccine

I have read Mikovits’ book Plague of Corruption, and indeed there seems to be an interesting story that she documents. It very well could point to some underlying issues with vaccines potentially carrying XMRV, delivering it, then causing general morbidity in the form of ME/CFS. However, from what I understand, after her publication, there seems to be an issue with testing for XMRV generally (she mentioned there are right and wrong tests), as well as isolating it in the vaccines. I can’t remember the specific details, but her work seems to be difficult to repeat. I don’t believe her hypotheses are conclusive, but are indeed a ripe investigatory avenue. I won’t be surprised if she is later proven to be correct. Furthermore, as Robert Kennedy outlines, the insular nature of the companies and their complete lack of liability, as well as a lack of double blind studies that test against unvaccinated populations longitudinally for general morbidity, highlights a systemic problem with the vaccine industry that needs to be addressed if vaccine technology is be safely utilized.

Regarding the “the COV2 pandemic isn’t real” hypothesis, by looking at the all-cause-mortality data this hypothesis can easily be challenged. In New York City and the hardest hit city in Italy, Bergamo, 4x-5x more death than normal occurred over a short period of time, which directly correlates to the numbers of cases in those places.
If SARS COV2 is a complete hoax, those deaths would need to be proven as unrelated.

Judy makes an interesting case about XMRV, CFS, and the flu vaccine, but she oversteps when she conflates that with SARS COV2. SARS COV2 has been genetically sequenced thousands of times. It’s not the same thing as XMRV. There is also an interesting decade long history of research into SARS and a development of these types viruses as chimeras. It’s clearly a separate phenomena. Could XMRV be a pandemic as well? Possibly. However I see no evidence to support the view that SARS COV2 isn’t a threat.

The “pandemic is a hoax” hypothesis, is a particularly dangerous and risky view to entertain, as it would make the one who believes it vulnerable to catching the virus and spreading it. If one is to gamble on taking a view, its safer to take the view that the virus is real, and the precautionary measures are simple and easy.

I’m pretty sure I’m sick with some sort of chronic disease at this point, as my body has been feeling worse and worse over the past year or so. However these viruses came to be is truly sad. I hope we all find healing.


Here is a description of the ME/CFS and XMRV
If you want research, there are more than 9000 articles on ME/CFS which describe the real condition and what is known about it. Mikovits and crew are disregarded by anyone actually familiar with the illness.

Having spent 35 years studying ME/CFS due to a family member having it, and knowing multiple people with ME/CFS, I find your snap analysis annoying and infantile. If anyone would have wanted to see Mikovits be correct, it was me. Unfortunately, it was clearly incorrect. What actually does cause ME/CFS is post viral syndromes, just like Covid; thus the vaccine is very helpful in reducing the chances of getting it. Your sources are flawed and clearly in the minority. All of the speculation is just that - speculation. It’s so easy to dismiss contrary information by following the “can’t trust the mainstream” illogic. Reminds me of the “don’t trust anyone over 30” meme put out when I was a teenager. Just as silly and lacking in nuance.

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This symptom occurs more in the unvaccinated and anti vax population than the vaccinated population.

Every major spiritual leader and organization with a following of more than one million is pro-vaccine. Followers of Buddha are also leading the pack in getting vaccinated, so the Buddha quote holds as much water as a sieve. Search “Dalai Lama vaccinated”, for example. See also “Burma, Bhutan and Thailand Buddhist Vaccinated”.