The Wiser You: Softening Your Anger & Hurt

After doing Nomali’s practice “Softening Your Anger & Hurt,” I had an occasion to talk to my father and his wife, neither of whom I’m close to. His wife needed some information about something we’d done 30 years ago that I had changed my mind about and never completed. I had wasted her time. I proceeded my answer with “your generosity” and concluded with “I’m sorry I wasted your time.” She thanked me for the apology and said she was glad I had what I wanted. At the end of my conversation with my Dad, I told him I loved him. So thank you to Nomali and to my practice partner who’s name I did not retain.


Mark, this is wonderful to hear! I’m so glad that your conversation with your dad ended with an “I love you”! I hope there’s continued healing and expression of what you are desiring with your dad/family as time goes by. Much Love! And thanks for attending these awesome community gatherings!