Thinking out loud

Okay so Merry Xmas everyone (and Winterval)!!

Please go metamodern on this post – what am I missing??? (seriously!!)

Frame – so sitting around drinking mulled wine on xmas day I have a random thought. What are the plus points of the Don being president? (I live in the UK so this is an ‘outsider’ reflection… geopolitics)…

Advocacy – So I have this ‘ah-ha’ moment… what if the Don is an example of ‘it is better to do the right thing wrong than the wrong thing right’??

Illustration –

  1. Eros/Power (Bradbury/Torbert) – Trump has taken politics back under the diplomat/ethnocentric level to its roots – RED.
  2. So we now have a load of better (real) Billionaires limbering up for their moon shot at the presidency
  3. If they succeed this is moving politics up to orange/rational… (maybe mythic-literal depending on who it is)
  4. We now have space for Ken or other Integrals to go for President!!

…Okay some more framing to these advocacies:
a) I have been reading Bateson (pattern that connects)
b) I have been reading Jung’s red book and interested in how the italicised sections look/feel a lot like the Old Testament (transpersonal)
c) Jung did not publish his red book – it was published after his death – why? (did he go further than Nietzsche? God is dead, we are sovereign in our own capacity to reason)
d) Tier 2 consciousness allows for Christ consciousness because it is no longer ‘zero sum’ – if you win, I win. If you are God, I am God, We are God in union… unitas multiplex

…okay I should probably get back to opening presents and being with fam … it is xmas after all :slight_smile:

Love and peace to all mankind (and dolphins) :):christmas_tree: