Time, Consciousness, and Development

Originally published at: https://integrallife.com/time-consciousness-and-development/

Dr. Keith and Corey discuss how our relationship with time lies at the very root of consciousness, and explore how our perceptions of time affect our overall psychological health and sense of well-being. We are also joined by our good friend Jeremy Johnson in a fascinating discussion of how Jean Gebser describes our ever-evolving enactment of time.


Thanks, @corey-devos! :upside_down_face: Was honored by that spontaneous invitation, and little synchronicity that mutually surprised us here.

As mentioned elsewhere, Keith was also a pleasure to engage with.

Looking forward to future conversations.

PS: A few folks who watched this event were asking about where they can take my upcoming course. Please see below. Hopefully it’s OK to share this here since it is mentioned in the course of our conversation.

Huge. I wondered why my wife continually argued from the perspective of adding on all kinds of past arguments trauma and hurts so much so that the current problem becomes unwieldingly and insolvably large.