Toward a radical, non-dual, meta-Lexicon

First additions to The New Curmudgeon’s Lexicon of Terms to be Retired as Bankrupt, Pretentious and/or Meaningless Due to Overuse:

non-dual - There is no such thing, never has been.

meta - More comprehensive than comprehensive (and we’re the ones with our fingers on the pulse)

radical - Kinda in the same vein as “meta,” implies that whatever you had before, well now we’ve got a steroid-enhanced version.

Keeping in mind that old saw, “No matter what happens, someone will find a way to take it too seriously,” feel free…

“Lexicon” A fancy way to say “words” :slight_smile:

Seriously though I wanted to make separate post of this but it will fit in well here:

In academic exposition (Orange) hyperbole is just dead wrong. Big red marks from tbe teacher.
Words like “Obviously” are an opinion of the author and only have a place in editorial not in exposition.
In this vein, drawing any factual conclusions from editorial are also just wrong except for the conclusion “opinions were expressed”. What i see is many people begin in editorial then try to make a factual conclusion from those opinions. Again, this would have resulted in a big red “re-do” written on any undergraduate paper in any university worth attending prior to 1990.

ESP and other logical fallacies are other crimes against academic writing i see regularly.
This doesnt mean never do these things. In the previous sentence I used hyperbole intentionally for humor, not out of sheer sloppiness or ignorance of basic undergraduate writing.

Discarding Orange rules may be done Integrally, but more often than not what i see is just bad Green attempting to win over an audience emotionally and get them on the bandwagon. Integral knows how to formulate and support a point in Orange, and considers all impacts on a wide range if potential audience before breaking the rules.

Statement of ideology or indoctrination as fact, esp surrounding white male guilt. Economic theories stated as fact or any theory or hypothesis taken on as fact.
Naivete: “Independent” or “neutral” or “unbiased” sources of information. ALL information has bias and is dependent on funding. Teal writing looks for and recognizes inherent bias and does not have any “sacred cows”.