Toward an Integral Meta-Psychotherapy

Dive into the revolutionary world of Integral Meta-Psychotherapy with Dr. Keith Witt and Corey deVos! This episode unveils a groundbreaking therapeutic approach that seamlessly weaves together diverse psychological practices into one cohesive tapestry. Imagine a therapy where everything is interconnected, where every moment is a golden opportunity, and where the journey is as transformative as the destination.

Dr. Witt paints a vivid picture of a universe where everything evolves towards greater compassion and profound consciousness. He delves deep into the dance of masculine and feminine energies within us, sparking a conversation that’s both enlightening and relatable. As the conversation unfolds, listeners are invited to envision a therapeutic space where clients are cherished, and where beauty, goodness, and truth reign supreme.

Whether you’re a therapist, a seeker, or just curious about the intricacies of the human psyche, this episode promises a journey of discovery, connection, and evolution. Tune in and be part of a conversation that might just reshape the way you view therapy and human connection!

Related Polarities

Here are some of the most critical polarities to consider while listening to this broadcast.

Depth in Ken Wilber’s integral theory refers to the levels of consciousness or development, moving from pre-personal to personal to transpersonal stages. It’s about diving deep into the inner realms of consciousness, understanding its nuances, and connecting with it on a personal level. Depth requires introspection, meditation, and personal growth practices.

Span refers to the number of different lines or intelligences, like cognitive, emotional, moral, aesthetic, kinesthetic, etc. It’s about the horizontal expansion, encompassing a broad range of skills, talents, and intelligences. Span emphasizes the diversity and multiplicity of human potentials.

Balancing depth and span is crucial for groups aiming for both profound internal connections and broader societal impact. The tension between depth and span, and between confidentiality and transparency, requires careful navigation to ensure the group’s effectiveness and cohesion.

Integrated Polarity: Holonic Harmony
Balancing depth and span to foster both profound internal connections and broader societal impact. This approach recognizes the importance of deep, intimate group dynamics while also valuing the need for outreach, transparency, and broader influence. It ensures that the group remains grounded in its core values and purpose while also being adaptable and influential in the larger community.

Disintegrated Polarity: Fragmented Focus
Either prioritizing depth to the point of isolating the group from the broader community, leading to stagnation and insularity, or prioritizing span to the extent of diluting the group’s core values and intimacy, resulting in superficiality and loss of purpose. This imbalance can hinder the group’s potential for transformative impact and meaningful connections.

Being refers to the internal, subjective experience of an individual. It encompasses thoughts, feelings, intentions, and consciousness. In the context of the Integral Theory, “being” is shorthand for the upper left intentional quadrant, emphasizing the inner world of the individual.

Doing refers to the external, objective actions and behaviors of an individual. It encompasses physical actions, habits, and routines. In the context of the Integral Theory, “doing” is shorthand for the upper right behavioral quadrant, emphasizing the observable actions of the individual.

This polarity captures the tension and interplay between the internal world of intentions and the external world of actions. Balancing these two aspects is crucial for a fulfilling, integrated, and impactful life.

Integrated Polarity: Mindful Engagement
Mindful Engagement represents a harmonious balance between the states of ‘being’ and ‘doing’. In this integrated polarity, individuals are deeply rooted in their authentic selves, drawing from the introspective qualities of ‘being’ to inform purposeful and impactful actions in the realm of ‘doing’. This equilibrium fosters a state of presence, where actions are not merely reactive but are imbued with intentionality and consciousness. By embracing both the internal world of reflection and the external world of action, Mindful Engagement facilitates a holistic approach to life, where every action is a manifestation of inner wisdom and authenticity.

Disintegrated Polarity: Reactive Dissonance
Reactive Dissonance emerges when there’s an imbalance between the states of ‘being’ and ‘doing’, leading to a discord between one’s inner self and external actions. In this unintegrated polarity, actions are often driven by external pressures, societal expectations, or immediate impulses, rather than stemming from a place of inner alignment and understanding. The introspective qualities of ‘being’ are overshadowed by the relentless push to ‘do’, resulting in actions that may feel misaligned or inauthentic. This dissonance can lead to feelings of restlessness, dissatisfaction, and a sense of being disconnected from one’s true self.

This polarity represents the balance between the masculine and feminine energies that exist within all individuals, regardless of their biological sex. The masculine seeks freedom and is oriented towards direction, purpose, and challenge, while the feminine seeks love and is oriented towards connection, relationship, and nurturing. The tension between these poles is crucial for personal growth, relationship dynamics, and spiritual development.

Masculine Energy is about asserting oneself in the world, providing structure, and acting decisively. It’s about holding space, maintaining boundaries, and pursuing goals with determination. However, an overemphasis on Masculine Energy can lead to rigidity, dominance, and a lack of emotional connection.

Feminine Energy, on the other hand, is about openness, empathy, and nurturing relationships. It’s about radiating warmth, fostering growth, and flowing with life’s rhythms. However, an overemphasis on Feminine Energy can lead to passivity, over-sensitivity, and a lack of direction or purpose.

Integrated Polarity: Erotic Interplay
The harmonious balance of masculine and feminine energies creates a dynamic interplay, or “erotic interplay”, that fuels passion, creativity, and spiritual growth. It goes beyond the conventional understanding of eroticism as solely sexual and encompasses a broader concept of embodied authenticity and passionate engagement. This balance allows for a greater sense of direction, stability, connection, and nurturing, while also recognizing the importance of challenges and emotions.

Disintegrated Polarity: Toxic Polarization
Overemphasis or neglect of either the masculine or feminine energy can lead to toxic expressions of these energies. This imbalance can result in a rigid, disconnected, and overly dominant form of masculinity or a passive, overly dependent, and chaotic form of femininity. This toxic tug-of-war hinders personal growth and disrupts the dynamic interplay of energies needed for full self-expression and development.


This is really interesting! Thanks

This was great! I learned a lot from this, and the Insight Map and Polarity Maps are super helpful. Especially the Masculine-Feminine and Being-Doing polarities within myself needed some straightening out, and with a bit of meditation using the Polarity Maps as a guide, I feel better. Thank you.

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You guys have the most delicious conversations! I am so grateful to click a link to Integral insight and understanding from my desktop at home. I get to listen to you and digest in comfort of my conscious and unconscious mind. Love you!

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