Toxix profuseness

“We then discover that we have never been modern in the sense of the Constitution, and this is why I am not debunking the false consciousness of people who would practise the contrary of what they
claim. No one has ever been modern. Modernity has never begun. There has never been a modern world. The use of the past perfect tense is important here, for it is a matter of a retrospective sentiment, of a rereading of our history. I am not saying that we are entering a new era; on the contrary we no longer have to continue the headlong flight of the post-post-postmodernists; we are no longer obliged to cling to the avantgarde of the avant-garde; we no longer seek to be even cleverer, even
more critical, even deeper into the ‘era of suspicion’. No, instead we discover that we have never begun to enter the modern era. Hence the hint of the ludicrous that always accompanies postmodern thinkers; they claim to come after a time that has not even started!”
Bruno Latour

This in itself feels like a post-modern merry-go-round: All truths are false except this one.

I’m not sure I get it, but as art- i love it

Me too!

This was not an answer to your post, but to address it more directly… post-modernism and post-humanism spreads further and asks way deeper questions too just summarize in your one line statement and what is usually circling around in the mainstream conversations.

By the way, I like your entries on the music thread. Taking what you wrote about post-modernism, I can see how that applies to some of your music choices. If a musician is not willing to take risks and push those boundaries of what is acceptable we would just be listening to the same old recycled crap.