Transcending and Including Our Current Way of Being: An Introduction to Integral Coaching

This article provides an introduction to the Integral Coaching® method developed by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine, founders of Integral Coaching Canada, Inc. A brief introduction to the field of coaching is offered using the four quadrants to appreciate the underlying assumptions of how change occurs and how schools of coaching have approached the rapidly growing field of adult development. Further delineation of Integral Coaching Canada’s use of subject-object theory and a “transcend and include” developmental model is provided and resides at the root of this school’s AQAL approach to change. Included are the necessary steps of working with a client’s Current Way of Being (the strength of its identity, horizontal capacities, and inherent limits) as well as the cli- ent’s emerging future, a New Way of Being that better supports a client’s desires, intentions, and response to the call that he or she uniquely hears.

Excellent article! I especially appreciated the practicality of the exemplary questions and outcomes featured in the different four-quadrant diagrams.

I am not a coach, but my job description (adult educator, community and technical college system) is somewhat adjacent. Students at that level need guidance and coaching. Nothing as formal as what Joanne and Laura are doing, but low income students certainly have issues and are looking for growth. So I take inspiration from this article and will be thinking about more pedagogical adaptations of similar themes and approaches.

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