Transcending/including polarities around idealism and skepticism

I recently posted a video that, in effect, discusses transcending/including polarities around idealism and skepticism. I’d be interested in hearing any comments:

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I agree, good video. In a similar line of thinking you have to guard against becoming bitter as you grow older. I have seen it happen to a lot of people who were unhappy with the level of change happening around their life whether it is too fast to be integrated or too slow to match their ideals.

Thanks. Yes, that’s another great polarity – dynamism/stability. When there’s not enough stability for us, things feel too chaotic. When there’s not enough dynamism for us, things feel too stagnant.

kartik_subbarao—No problem with the content and your presentation style is great–you seem authentic, speak clearly, enunciate well, speak at a clipped-but-not-too-fast pace, you smile :slightly_smiling_face: and seem friendly and naturally confident and very human, and your gestures don’t seem forced, and I just liked listening to you! The only suggestion I would make is to have greater contrast between yourself (shirt) and the background, you know, liven the scene up a bit without distracting from you and your message. Oh, another suggestion: next video, get the word “Integral” in there somewhere, you know, forward the “cause.” We’ll all appreciate that!

Thanks for the comments. I had originally thought that my gray shirt would be distinct enough against the white background. But when I looked at it afterwards I realized there wasn’t as much contrast as I would’ve liked :slight_smile: