Transformational Conversations: The Four Conversations of Integral Coaching

This article provides an introduction to the process used by Integral Coaching Canada in working with clients over time. Four distinct types of coaching conversations are illuminated in this article.

First, the Intake Coaching Conversation is described. This conversation serves to introduce the coach and client to each other, including the client topic and related questions as they begin their developmental journey.

Next the Offer Coaching Conversation is presented. This conversation allows the coach to bring forward and explore metaphors that express the client’s past and future relationship to the topic at hand. The use of metaphors is discussed in relation to its contribution in creating new realities, interaction with subject-object theory, and provision of anchors to clients during times of change. Then an overview of Cycles of Development Coaching Conversations is provided. The intentions and dynamics of this developmental phase are explored in terms of capability building, practice design, and types of practices.

Finally, the importance of the Completion Coaching Conversation is discussed. Throughout the article references are made to a client case to highlight how these conversations progress in real time.