Trauma to Transcendence: Using Life's Wounds to Grow

In this episode of the Shrink and the Pundit, Dr. Keith Witt and Jeff discuss a powerful realization emerging at the leading edge of culture regarding the role of trauma in our lives. Dr. Keith is writing a book on the subject and has mined various psychotherapeutic modalities to create an integral approach to using trauma as a portal to health and higher consciousness.

In this wide-ranging conversation we address:

  • Trauma and resilience as forms of memory
  • The differences – and similarities – between ongoing trauma and “major event” traumas such as accidents, violence and illness
  • Trauma through human history
  • Sensitive vs sensitized: the healthy and unhealthy poles of postmodern consciousness
  • What child-centered parenting misses
  • The biological drive to have a spiritually-awakened brain
  • Updating your autobiographical narratives
  • Trauma and the self-transforming mind.

I’ve been to jail and have used integral thinking to process those wounds. I did it automatically and only later realized that I was hitting my trauma from multiple emotional and theoretical angles.