Trying to save the planet with Ignorance? - Can Corona wake us up to real facts?

Ignorance is a key word in spirituality. we think, concentrating on the left hand quadrants we can resolve our problems. But ignorance in the right hand quadrants seems to me much more dangerous in the present moment than we would like to believe.
Corona has come into our homes, we feel the direct threat and we are willing to listen to scientists and politicians. We see the reality of people dying in masses and we are shocked. At the same time we do not see what, on a bigger scale, is happening in the world, not by a dangerous virus, but by dangerous belief systems and dangerous people who abuse people and the planet for their own omnipotent phantasies and goals.
This documentary is especially for people, but not only, who believe climate change can be resolved by the switch to green energy:

I just watched half Planet of the Humans - Documentary- it is heavy stuff. It gives voice to what I was always thinking and saying: The “green energy” movement is abused with wrong information. It is not about saving the world, but prolonging the economy and life threatening ways of technological “progress”. The same people earn on solar panels as they do on fossil fuels, and fossil fuels are not gone when switched to renewables, but badly needed for wind and solar plants. (Why? you get the demonstration in the docu). And after the life cycle - even from the very beginning, nature is vastly destroyed, probably for ever.
“Renewables” sounds good. But I was shocked to learn, what horrible destruction is going on in the name of green energy, e.g. Precious thousand year old plants are ground into pieces

This is what the Friday for future people and everyone, pushing for “green energies” should really know. I didn’t know for a long time (and I bought solar panels, too), and most people still believe that they do good when forcing towards “alternative energies”.
But, as you might know, I still believe that there is a real alternative energy possible, based on the insights of quantum physics. But nobody really can imagine that, yet, as possible and keeps circling around conventional energy production (solar/wind included) instead of investing into the proper research for that.

The present crisis should be used to have people understand 2 things: Our ways of living are far beyond the edge, AND we need to stop using any energy which is destroying the planet, directly or indirectly (as wind and solar does, as well as electric cars).

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Hi Heidi,

I watched the Planet of the Humans documentary, and like you, was utterly shocked at some of what was covered. I read 3 or 4 articles and watched a podcast afterwards by various environmentalists who were trying to rebut some of the doc’s findings. I was not persuaded by them, although it is fair to say that the film’s “facts” about wind and solar are at least a decade old, and the articles I read did point out there have been major improvements in tech for both wind and solar. Still, they’re talking about efficiency matters, and not the mining operations needed for both solar and wind that continue. And, as I’ve said elsewhere, that biomass was seriously considered as an alternative energy source is just insane; not only insane in cutting down trees and burning them, but adding garbage–rubber and plastics–to the burn mix----how crazy is that: more air pollution anyone? Now there are biomass plants everywhere, and only after the documentary came out did some of the environmentalist groups finally acknowledge it was a mistake.

Very sobering, this film; even if 50% “wrong” in its facts, it’s still a major wake-up call to the pitfalls of green energy as it now stands. Thank God-dess we and the planet are more than body.


I’m new here so apologies if I’m off topic.
I watched the film and got very down. Then read a lot of the defenses put up by journalists, etc, who I trust and got angry at Moore for using out of date info, etc to skew what is current today.
He didn’t mention the return on renewables is better that fossil fuels now, but I totally agree on the resource extraction issues: moving the goalposts without changing the fundamental reasons why we use so much energy and materials is a road to ruin.
There are small steps being taken towards resource stewardship, circular economics, etc, but it’s a small voice in the crowd. Fairphone is an example.
Without looking deeper, at our fundamental needs, not desires, and seeking ways to fulfill those needs that doesn’t exceed ecological boundaries, this film has just made things worse.

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I learned a lot from this thread and all of you. I can only generalize things and I cannot write my whole point of view on that. The Green is most probably huge aspect of myself and perhaps I drive toward ‘Green all night long’, but that also should have its limits.
I did not see the coumentary, but I guess that the main result or too direct conclusions might have negative aftermath. However, also generally, it is really hard for any documentary or a filmmaker to omit the conclusions that the person/group of people surrounding the movie want to express.

Hi Ben,
Welcome here and thanks for your comment. I am not often on this platform and see it only now, a few months later. But the topic is still burning, despite overlaid with new outrageous things, not exactly pointing into a good direction, in my opinion.
Even the newest events, mainly in the US, but also in other countries, are still grounded in broad ignorance. Ideologies first, slogans, but better don’t dig deeper if you want to support the movements whole heartedly.

I guess we are speeding up to a real apex - and into which direction we will turn, is not clear at all. Will we finally become reasonable? Or do we continue to believe what people with certain agendas want us to believe? And do we reach the critical mass of people who do not jump on the next train without checking where it is directed?