Typology and the spectrum of Neurological processing styles

I’m a neuro-nontypical processor. In other words I’m a right brain dominate dyslexic type. In reading about Typology I didn’t see that mentioned as a type but I think it is(I’m biased😉). I grew up being told that I was too much of this and not enough of that. The public education system left me traumatized to some degree. By the time I graduated high school I’d developed a complex. Far too many teachers coming from a narrow approach to educating kids unintentionally did damage to those of us that processed information differently from the heard. Constantly being treated like there was something wrong with me by most teachers made me want to check out. Fortunately I was gifted in music and fluent with five instruments as well as advanced in my spatial capacity and better at advance drafting than the valedictorian of my class. Sports also helped me. Being a runner, swimmer, and cyclist, martial artist helped me develop self-esteem as well.

Since I didn’t have the grades to get into a university I went to community college. To my surprise I came alive and excelled because I had teachers that weren’t so narrow minded. I was enrolled in a writing class that was considered a pre-college level helper class and after I’d turned in a paper I wrote the teacher asked to speak with me. 'Why am I taking this class", he asked? “You scored higher than most on the College English Placement test and in reading your paper it’s clear to me that you’re wasting your time in this class and should be enrolled in more advanced classes.” I was shocked! The same with math. I did terrible in high school yet aced algebra and Trig in college.

Welcome to the plight of the high IQ Dyslexic! If our society understood dyslexic, right-brain dominance as a Typology rather than a dificiency there would be millions of people that would’ve excelled rather than been traumatized! It’s truly tragic that out educational institutions are teaching from such a narrow perspective!

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Hi Brian, it took me a long time to get to the understanding your showing. I through trauma was kinda forced into a very different mode of operating in school. Which in the 80’s and 90’s wasn’t even possible to be seen. My recommendation is patience the rest of your life. Your a light that can only be seen by light. Develop your intellect to the highest degree so it can exhaust itself into dreaming.

Fellow Brian

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Wow, my life has some striking similarities to what you describe. I was diagnosed dyslexic. I exceled at some things (including music, writing, and various creative endeavors) yet felt traumatized and alienated by public school.

I also see dyslexia as a typology. I have a hypothesis that autism and dyslexia are both typologies representing connected yet opposite ends of a spectrum (emphasis on generality vs. emphasis on specificity).

In any case, I wish there was a way that my intellectual differences could have been set free and embraced. To this day, my feeling of “success” feels distorted because my early experiences with school. I’m working through that though :slight_smile:

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My what an opportunity for school choice. Metros could create COEs for different learning types - visual, tactile, dyslexic, vision impaired, hearing impaired, social challenged, emotionally fragile, et al to accommodate learning styles and needs of a much more of the children.

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