Understanding States of Consciousness

What would you recommend to read on the subtle state of conscious in particular?

I’d probably go with Religion of Tomorrow for the most comprehensive possible view. You might also enjoy this episode of The Ken Show, where we get into the subtle realm a bit:



Listen to the ken show all the time, love the shows on Guns and have taken the religion of tomorrow course, just was looking for something more zeroed in on states and particularly the subtle state…
What is the status of Core Integral? Will it be back up?

There’s hit-and-miss info on subtle states in “Integral Spirituality” and “The Eye of Spirit,” but the most
extensive info (from the books I’ve read) is in “The Atman Project.”

Thank you for this, the link that Corey sent was also very helpful, sounds like Daniel P Brown might have some interesting stuff as well

Thank Lawanna for sending, I’m finding the information in The Atman Project very helpful

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