Unwilling to stop charging me?

I refuse to accept that no one has received my multiple request to cancel my account. Posting a phone number on your website that no one answers and ignoring fb messages and email is unacceptable. You are better than this!!!

I am not sure what to do. Cancel a CC and lose over 100k miles or see if there is some way to force IL to stop charging me through an attorney or the DA?
How do you stop companies from charging you when they say there is nothing they can do to help?

Does anyone know of a phone number that I can call to talk to a person? The only number I could find was disconnected years ago. Can anyone name a IL representative who might be willing to help stop the charges on my card? I feel like I am trying me best to get a response and my request is reasonable but the fact that I have been trying to stop these payments for years seems to support the idea that no one at IL is willing to try to help. My first post above was 5 months ago but it was not the first time I tried to resolve this. Look how many responses are on this thread from IL reps. Zero. frustrating.

Hi Charles, I am a little confused — I just took a look at your account, and all I could find was a single $1 charge for a free trial back in August, which was immediately cancelled. And the order was processed via PayPal, not a credit card. Perhaps you created two different accounts using two different email addresses? If so, let me know what email to look for. So far I have searched for heath.cowart@gmail.com, and for the last name “Cowart”, and all I could find was that single $1 charge.

I had to get a second account in order to reach anyone at your organization. I think the original account was under heath.cowart@gmail.com but I am not sure. What I am sure about is that I get a charge from Integral Life every month and you should be able to stop it.
Try photos@residential-photography.net to see if that works. It is an old email.
Heath 828-553-7214