Updated Vision For Integral Mobilizing

Hi all, started on a project named “Samagi SL” meaning “United Sri Lanka” which is going to be the effort to bring Integral Theory/consciousness to Sri Lanka. Current plans basically intend to model IL as the education arm and create a version of IAM (Institute of Applied Metatheory) as the implementation arm, by looking to establish a non profit in the country and so on. Website is SamagiSL.com, also linked to on my site NamalDeSilva.com The Instagram handle is @samagisl

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Namal, you’ve constructed a format that beautifully and informatively expresses Integral theories in a constructed way that is very accessible for everyone wherever they may be on their journey of growth and awareness! :heart::pray:


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Oh thank you so much Brian! Great, I’m glad it looks accessible.

With the inclusion of the IntegralCity concept shared by Brandon Nørgaard, the updated vision for Holonic development goes like this;

  1. “Samagi* Me”
  2. “Samagi Tribes & Institutions”
  3. “Samagi Organizations & Agencies”
  4. “Samagi Communities & Cities”
  5. “Samagi States”
  6. “Samagi Lovak/Samagi Rataval”
  7. “Samagi Federation” - The Galactic Federation including ET civilizations with Earth as a member.

*Samagi is the Sri Lankan word for “United”. Although there is another word for Integral my Aesthetic Intelligence so far said this sounds better. (So as you’re reading just swap it with “Integral”). Lovak means World and Rataval means Countries. I’m using the dual meaning of internal unity as well as external.

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