Vols. II and III of Kosmos Trilogy


Does anyone know what ever happened with Wilber’s idea of writing and publishing the second and third volumes of The Kosmos Trilogy?



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Here is my understanding, which might or might not be fully accurate: I understand that Ken changed up his original plans just a bit with regards to vols II and III. Vol II was released a few years ago as The Religion of Tomorrow. The excerpts that were circulated 20 some odd years ago might end up eventually getting incorporated into vol III. 2 years ago, Ken said he still didn’t have vol III figured out yet. I’m not sure if he has been working on this more recently. One thing he did work on in the last year is a book that was originally intended as a simplified version of vol II and ended up taking on a life of its own and will soon be published as Seeking Radical Wholeness.

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That’s really helpful, thank you.