Vote Common Good: Christian Group Flipping Evangelicals

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In this 2018 election cycle there is a political force emerging from this group calling themselves Vote Common Good. They are caravanning to congressional districts that could flip progressive for the first time to encourage white evangelicals to vote Democratic. They are also training Democratic congressional candidates about how to talk to people of faith.


The appeal to the Golden Rule is interesting in that Christians should consider what it would be like to be someone who is disadvantaged in a society. However, the problem I see with this appeal is that I bet most conservatives prefer to give through private charity and not through the state. It gives them a chance to evangelize the recipients of charity.

Perhaps an approach that would work better than an appeal to charity would be an appeal to fairness. How about a livable minimum wage? Would they like to work full-time for an employer and not be able to pay for the basic necessities of life? How about safety regulations? Would they be willing to have their children subjected to unsafe working conditions because they are desperate for an income? The application of the Golden Rule in these situations does not imply charity only fairness.

They may also be able to appeal to their sense of a need for checks and balances. Since Trump has exhibited unethical behavior, by Christian standards, it may be dangerous to hand him a Republican controlled legislature.

Well, this is exciting, evangelicals mixing it up with Democrats and Integral. I look forward to more on this.

I consider myself a Transpartisan and I believe our 2 party system has become a ‘bi-polar’ system.
I support the person, not the party.
Integrity and compassion are more important than ‘party’ affiliation.

And some more inspiring (to me) religious-political news: a group of women from the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) urging the 4 LDS Senators to insist on an investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh.