WE-SPACE and the Great Reset


I’ve been practicing WE-SPACES for some years and interpersonal meditation. I’m also interested in our political situation, specifically the stated agenda of the World Economic Forum and “the Great Reset.” The larger transhumanist agenda in other words.

I’ve just been at the Ottawa protests over some of the last weeks too.

How does 2nd person consciousness, the I-Thou connection, relate to the stated agenda of world domination of the WEF.

Does higher consciousness just ignore all these nefarious troubles that includes the likeklihood that the vaccines are a step to putting us all on blockchain and controlling everything. Is no one here thinking of this? Aware of it? Or is it not integral?

Why are the most important questions of the day not here in the Forum? I confess I’ve not been reading Ken for a while. If he’s spoken on this and you can show me where that’d be great.

WE-SPACES are interactive meditative spaces. How do they connect to the pressing questions of the day, or are they two solitudes?



You are asking the right question. I am totally “astonished” that the most important questions of our times, like Corona crisis and the decades long attempt to destroy our civilisations don’t find space in integral discussions. Who could resolve all these very burning questions, if not people on an integral level of development?

My answer: either we practice spiritual bypassing, or we are not yet at a level where we are willing and able to dig deep and find out what is on the bottom of the developments in the world, and/or we find life easier when we deny uncomfortable evidence, truths, finding, even opinions and label everything “right, right, nazi, nazi, conspiracy theorist”.

I was about to leave the integral community in Germany because of their silence and attempt of staying deeply blind to the unfolding reality. Instead I founded a conversation group about this topic. From the 20 participants at the beginning are only 9 left by now, and also this group shows clearly the readiness of some members to be manipulated by the official propaganda.

As for Integral Life: I will not continue my decades long membership this year. Sorry (normal) integral guys: you just talk and hope that your theory will fix it, but you don’t show me signs of really tackling that what would be your task to do! Your constant chats about unimportant things show me that you haven*t really understood what is at stake for humanity which makes you complice for the unhuman attempts to make us un-human and prey to the sick minds of a few.


Dear Heidi, Thank you for bringing this perspective out. Naming it opens up a space to explore it further. My perception is that current events are opening up depths of buried ancestral trauma in the people. It’s risky because one can lose friends and lose credibility in the social and professional spheres.

I look forward to speaking with you personally on this and invite others to chime in. (Those who may see thsi later and are interested to contact me - andrewmacdonald.net.)

If the Great Reset agenda unfolds as planned it will have the most profound consequences - what we have seen already has had the most profound consequences, as Covid is part of it. It will completely rewrite the template on which integral drapes itself. I don’t believe this is hyperbole.

Has Integral consciousness transcended but failed to include critical parts of its own development? Our ability to call bullshit, for example, or to promote a ground level consideration of the declared intentions of a determined and exceedingly powerful and rapacious elite.

Your thoughts welcome!

More generally all this may fall under the rubric hope others who are interested this sub


Hi Andrew,

I am looking forward to talking with you on video.
I agree with your analysis as for the awakening of ancient trauma into consciousness. It is the time which we were waiting for - but are we prepared enough?

My critisism with integral is the “positive - bias”, the exclusion of considering evil and its powers in the world and instead hope for a positive evolution - which, at the end, probably turns out as such, but we should also consider the present and not just envision some far away future.

Despite we have at hand a beautiful map for looking at the world, we are still humans with the proclivity to avoid everything which is uncomfortable. This is expressed as a severe lack of psychological knowledge, especially when it comes to oneself. I know, we do “shadow work” in integral and we practice spirituality. But, in situations like today, I come to believe that most of us are bypassing psychology and spirituality and try not to notice what is unfolding in front of our eyes.

The other big factor is the missing knowledge about history. We are repeating history right now, but this time on a global scale, nowhere to flee to from tyrany anymore, while this was still an option in the last century. A deep dive into the events of, at least, the last 200 years, would be very helpfull to all those who want to understand what is going on.

I was married with an American and we had many American friends. I noticed how much Americans are invested in some fairytale-like narrative of their country. I realize that an honest view on history and America’s role in the development to the present sotuation would be agonizing and threaten deeply their self-understanding. This might be the reason for the silence and willful blindness. From the psychological view it is totally understandable, but desastrous for the future of our societies and humanity itself.

In my view, Integral should be the leaders in sorting out the challenge and take a differentiated position based on vast knowledge - and then take courage and fight against the corrupt people and institutions. Slavery in America might have been abolished some hundred years ago, as Ken repeats and repeats. Now we are on the way to slavery, for all of us, except for those who have the threats of dominance in their hands.


Hi Heidi,
Yes, to all of that. It’s very good to hear it spoken. I’ve long been interested in a seldom-seen dimension of our evolutionary life: our tendency to unconsciously align with the feelings and opinions of systems and groups we belong to in order to secure our belonging in them. Conscience is not so much about right and wrong as it is about loyalty to those we are bonded with. So thieves have a guilty conscience when they DON’T steal and feel righteous when they do.

This is the hidden dynamic that makes family and systemic constellation work so powerful. It reveals the hidden belonging-need that’s behind so much of what we do. We fear paying a penalty of exclusion or loss of status for not towing the line in a group. Deviation and questions are seen as disloyalty. Even in constellation work this tendency is mainly noticed as an object of inquiry. Although it shows up phenomenologically in a constellation and is central to the resolution, it’s seldom an object of philosophical interest. To me who suffered from a sense of exclusion and not-belonging in my family it jumped out. My book Evolutionary YOU is about risking the uniquely individual voice in the face of our deep tendency to betray it in order to belong. ([This blog post shows the main dynamic.)

I do look forward to exploring iwth you Heidi, and others who may be interested in this.