WEForum "Great Reset" - How Integral is it?

How does the Integral community view the World Economic Forum “Great Reset” strategy from an Integral perspective? How integral is the idea, the implementation plan? Is it the path to 2nd tier?

For reference here is a link to the World Economic Forum “Great Reset” page:

P.S. I’ve searched, but may have missed previous discussions. Please point me in the direction if a repeat.

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Well. In my opinion there is a sort of tabu talking about these very important topics. I am very disappointed of the integral community.

2nd tier? It is a conspiracy between orange and red against humanity, the ego inflation of people who believe to know better what humans should be (the eugenic context of what is going on). The attempt to play God, abusing technology to suppress our natural human ways of being (“vaccination” etc.).

It is time that we stand up and create a different future by opposing the madness of AI phantasies. If not even Integralists do that, who then? We will wake up some day in the “brave new world”, as far as we are not already there right now.


Hi @Heidi, Thank you for your clarity.

It’s in the nature of “revolutionary” organizations and ideologies that their ideas get watered down or corrupted. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes from lack of understanding or other reasons.
Vaccines are just the tip of the needle for me. (I do get all my vaccinations including tetanus boosters). It’s also everyday consumption where people consume to fill a gaping hole within themselves - and this need can also be unhealthily filled by consumption of fear inducing media (left, right and conspiracy).
I’m not a follower of Ken Wilbur - to me he’s just another man and his ideas are good, yes but not perfect.
But I’m not sure how much some people who follow him more devoutly actually understand what his main points are.
Clean up, wake up and grow up.
All three are necessary for second tier.
Yes, people don’t like to touch on certain topics or “mix it up” - just let those topics lie there in the shadows. People in these kinds of communities are usually even less willing to face someone else’s fears, for fear of dragging the discussion down to a “lower level” - or whatever. 2nd Tier is all love, light, rainbows and waterfalls - just as long as you Curb Your Green :joy::rofl:
But yeah - nothing about mainstream global capitalism and the 1% is anywhere near 2nd tier.
The Great Reset? Browsing around that website it just looks like rebranding and marketing bs to me. It’s “Strategic Partners” are the same stakeholders in the same mindset who created the global food chain that creates killer viruses every couple of years and fell apart when one finally got lose. They are basically just discussing “firefighting” capabilities (which also have very large budgets) - not the root causes of what starts the fires (which would reduce redundant and unnecessary economic growth).

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It’s both marketing bs and deadly serious “world control” planning.

But how integral is this weforum Great Reset?
Do we scrap democracy in favor of an anti-theist theocracy? Do the ends, as low a probability of success as these resets have historically, justify giving it a go?

It’s about as integral as it was in the late 1990’s. It’s just re-painting the same old house.
Here’s a little secret - you’ve never seen democracy. You’ve only seen two choices that have been selected for you and that both lead to the same inevitable result.
The choice isn’t democracy or no democracy - nobody is offering you the choice of democracy, and if you think they are, you are just buying someone’s sales pitch.
The question on the table for humanity is to either continue with the known Oligarchy we currently have that controls both political parties in all countries, or to let it collapse under its own stench and after a period of chaos emerge into the unknown.
The tyranny of the current system is so absolute that very few people are even aware of the McCage they live in and the gilded chains that bind them, and they don’t even have the lexicon to understand when someone describes it to them.
“Four legs good, two legs baaaad.” They shout to describe their outrage first about one thing, then four years later it’s opposite - because their trusted media source says so.
Capitalism good, Communism baaaad. Except when the Banks (2008) or the economy (2020) need bailouts, then we don’t have the stomach for Capitalism to thin the herd.
Capitalism only works when it’s not actually Capitalism - but since 9/10 people only understand Capitalism at the mythic level, their image of Capitalism is that the Government has to give them a job or save their inefficient 19th century coal industry or some other absurdity.

Vivid as usual thank you Ray :slight_smile:
A few questions that may help reveal the spiritual balance of an Integral approach for the 99%.

Is the stench of our world worse than it’s been throughout history for the “99”?
If the system “collapses” what will be the stench caused by such an action to the “99%”?
If the system “collapses” Will the 1% “Oligarchy” suffer or will the 99% suffer even more?
Would not most American’s be considered the the 1% by the rest of the World?
If the chaos rises are we likely to see more peace and connection and rainbow among the 99%?
Can we become an integral society if we keep repeating the patterns of the “us vs them” duality?
If resist, revenge and revolt become the rally cries of the majority is that an Integral approach?

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Thank you Heidi I certainly agree … :slight_smile:

Below is a video link to doctor Peter A. McCullough, MD. He is asking very rational question on the Covid19 scare and the medical community response. Asking these measured questions formed via his training and his Hippocratic Oath. The first 8 to 10 minutes show the highlights, the full interview follows that for those who want to know more.

Despite his clear authority as a Medical Professional the corporate executives at YouTube believe they know better and have removed his video from their social media channel.

WARNING He dares to violate the “World Government Narrative” … Some people here may hear this guy as a crazy conspiracy theorist … I suggest that his question ring with rational integrated thoughts on the whole Covid19 situation. Most integral thinkers will comprehend this medical professionals thought processes and logic if not his technical references.

I have shared this with my own circle of influence including my personal physician. I hope everyone reading this will at least listen to the first few minutes. It is in contrast to the overwhelming pressure narrative to quickly become vaccinated.

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Is the stench of our world worse than it’s been throughout history for the “99”?
The question is irrelevant. It’s like asking an abused child if their High School years were less abuse filled than their childhood as a reason for them to stay in the abusive relationship at home.
If the system “collapses” what will be the stench caused by such an action to the “99%”?
They will experience discomfort to the degree they cling to what was and do not adjust to what is. Those who prepare for it … will be better prepared for it.
If the system “collapses” Will the 1% “Oligarchy” suffer or will the 99% suffer even more?
Definitely the Oligarchy. The best years of my life were ones where I withdrew voluntarily or was forced to withdraw from the rat race. I choose to live in a house now because my main concern is police harassment and inability to renew my state issued ID if I do not have a physical address. Most people’s food needs can be grown in less than a quarter acre unless they are just determined to stay in an area that is obviously inhospitable to humans.
Would not most American’s be considered the the 1% by the rest of the World?
Yes, of course.
If the chaos rises are we likely to see more peace and connection and rainbow among the 99%?
By and large, yes. It is just facts that Governments kill far more people than disorganized groups, due to better resources and organization. The War on Drugs has enriched organized crime in ways they could not even dream if all drugs were legal and people could grow (for example) opium in their own fields instead of shooting up heroin.
Can we become an integral society if we keep repeating the patterns of the “us vs them” duality?
You might consider looking at your own “us vs them” duality. I’m describing what I see as an inevitability. I’m not saying to anyone “tear down the system”. I am saying the system will fail of it’s own stupidity. Is it equally “us vs them” when I tell someone that if they ride a motorcycle at 150 miles per hour in the rain without a helmet they are going to crash?
If resist, revenge and revolt become the rally cries of the majority is that an Integral approach?
Integral means integral. Transform and subsume.
I don’t think it’s integral to ignore options
The “head in the sand” option is definitely not integral.
The vast majority of people on both the right and the left are ripe for revolt. We saw this in 2020 at both ends of the spectrum. Are we just going to ignore what is actually going on?
On the contrary, I think it’s more integral to anticipate what we think will happen and attempt to address it. Addressing things as they are provides the opportunity to transform violent revolt and revenge into resistance.

On the vaccine question - ok … let’s skin this pig.
Why are people suddenly so extremely concerned with one shot (ok, two - or whatever) into their system but completely turn a blind eye to poisons entering their system each and every day due to a poisoned environment? Where is the outrage?
It’s my opinion that the more emotional people are about not taking the covid vaccine, the more they are suppressing their emotions regarding a very wide range of poisons they put into their body on a daily basis both voluntarily and involuntarily.

I could easily add a dozen more.
I am curious why the COVID vaccine is the thing people voice their anger about, and not the dozens of other things?

To link my two posts - the anti-COVID Vaccine anger is just a crack that is starting to show regarding a whole gigantic mess that the current system has been covering up for over 100 years. How big is this crack going to get? Can the system “patch” it with “The Great Reset”?
I got all my vaccines - and my response to anti-Covid vaxers is:
“Well, congratulations. You’re a bit late to the party - but welcome. Now how serious are you really? Because a lot of stuff has been happening while you were sleeping that is 100 times worse than the COVID vaccine.”

I keep seeing people using terms like “broken”, “collapse”, “cracking up”, “end of” but I’m not sure I see this in the real world. If we look at any objective measurable trend (HDI, poverty, violent crime, infant mortality, you name it) it’s a BETTER WORLD TODAY THAN 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 2000 years ago. Trend is key here since the mother who lost her son to a drive by shooting, while one of 320M people in the US, does not care about “general trends” and she shouldn’t have to. But juxtapose turning our culture upside down because someone “felt marginalized” when the movie star cut in line at the club, someone got the job I wanted, or the co-worker was rewarded more than me?

Sure we all have disappointments, but isn’t handling differences between what I want/what I expect and what actually manifests in the world part of “Growing up”? Isn’t “learning” either how I can do things differently or “how the world works” also part of the Growing Up. Isn’t this part of Waking up, Growing up? (sounds like Jordan Peterson).
Do I “freak out” at the smallest “in justice” or perhaps consider that it’s that I don’t understand how to be/do/operate in the world to get the results I want? Is it even healthy for ME if I sit around looking for injustices to freak out over? Oddly we see lots of Buddhism in the “Teal Noosphere” but also much hyperbolic freaking out over “but in my Noosphere, it shouldn’t be that way”.

I think what I see, for lack of a better term, is a “Teal Noosphere” that is continually being compared reality against. And sadly, even as good as we have it (best place in the world and all time in history!), reality vs this “Teal Noosphere” is a pale, dark, bleak, sinister failure.

Am I completely off my rocker on this, or is there a bit of sense in it?

Well. Being against the Covid vaccine doesn’t mean that one doesn’t care about all the other dangers, pollution, plastic etc. which we have managed to expose ourselves to.

So far the vaccine has created a completely new illness: the clothing of the blood in people’s venes, which leads to strokes and organ failures. The latest Japanese studies also show that they are messing with our reproductive systems. Being aware that the eugenics project has been going on for 200+ years, this might be another attempt for the “final solution”.

Here are two documentaries on the history of what is going on in the world for the last 2 centuries: https://www.corbettreport.com/bigoil/

Maybe the least, but still very important preoccupation is the messing up of our natural immune system which gets overrun by the injections. Our immune system is perfectly able to handle a disease which 99,9% of the infected people survive, anyway.

So the vaccines are not only unpredictably dangerous, but also completely unnecessary and unjustified. When the cure is more dangerous than the illness, maybe we should remain without that cure…


If people are equally concerned about all the other things that are destroying their health over the past 50 years - then fair enough. But what I see is selective outrage. It reminds me of veganism to be honest. Selectively choosing that it is immoral to exploit animals but it isn’t immoral to buy products that exploited humans to get it lower in price. Or my favorite, the “potato chip vegan” who .is vegan to be healthy, but lives off of vegan junk food.

It’s very difficult to be consistent, I will say that. But what I’ve noted is that those who are the most fanatical about causes also tend to be the most unbalanced and inconsistent.

Yes, you keep repeating this mantra despite several people explaining that this isn’t logical.
That’s why every investment firm tells their clients clearly:
Past performance is not an indicator of future results

This is a patently false statement. You say any objective measurable trend, but you are cherry picking only the ones that you want to see.
Here are some trends that clearly not better.
Average Debt to Income Ratio

Purchasing Power, Cost of living, Minimum wage vs GDP, etc


Health Care Costs


@raybennett You are being ridiculous.


You’re the one who made an absurd hyperbolic statement and believe it as fact.

Then you believe everyone who doesn’t fall in line with your fanaticism 100% rosy picture about “everything is better” is unable to recognize progress???
All I can say is have fun in your own little world with your fingers in your ears and shouting “lalala I can’t hear you.”
You want ridiculous? How about this:

Oh, wait - here’s another one.
This is the new Fanatical Right’s plan to get us back to our 1950’s level of Supreme Global power Greatness.

Oh, wait, wait wait …
Just one more:
Here’s the supercharged US economy in 2021 with 28 trillion in National Debt.

Fanatical Right is not setting policy or passing legislation right now, except in red states.

I don’t know about you Ray, but we have it significantly better than our parents did, WAY better than our grand parents, and our kids have it even better than we did. My great and great great grand parents suffered atrocities that are unfathomable in today’s world.

Keep your chin up. Attitude and posture (and dare I say faith) does help when your SJW Tribe can’t meet at the coffee shop to lament the latest noosphere setback.
Don’t be that guy suffering from Progressiphobia.

PS I love Wizard of Oz. Thanks for the clip.