WEForum "Great Reset" - How Integral is it?



Hi gnosis,

I know for myself on a day-to-day basis we suffer no violence, no physical threats, no emotional trauma, no intellectual “assaults”. It’s only in the media realm much like @raybennett posting where the Psychosis (both mass and individual) is encountered.

In your day-to-day life is the not peaceful you reference in the physical realm, emotional realm, intellectual realm, or out-there-media realm for you personally?


Taking a higher, more integrated long-term perspective on the development of human consciousness. The transactions that happen on the ground are the sparks that fly from the alchemy of our transformation. Created by those at the extremes. Despite their loud crazy cries, they are becoming less and less relevant in our global human transformation.

@FermentedAgave You have numerous times touched on this higher perspective. It calls out and rings as truth to me; maybe you too understand this place of perception? Perhaps I’m delusional … just playing this game of life and exploration in my own head? But, like you, I am enjoying my life journey as I always have.


Yes this banshee wail of outrageous oppression is becoming apparent in its absurdity in civil societies. But let’s not become numb to the plight of Billions living in truly oppressive situations where children are not safe and parents should be fearful and wary. These are not academic clashes of noospheres but humans suffering in the physical realm from hunger, human trafficing, slavery, genocide.

Even the disappointments, the frustrations, the unfairnesses are enjoyable challenges to overcome. To overcome internally, influence externally or usually both. And we get to enjoy more fully more deeply the blessings we enjoy and the gifts we have received.

What is delusion and what is real? :slight_smile: We only know through people joining us along the way of these delusions or perceptions of reality.
The beauty of being human is we get to choose to live in a beautiful world surrounded by joy and blessings. We get to choose our challenges being surmountable.


This can become someone’s individual calling in life. To push for a solution and create the sparks of transformation, or perhaps to pursue freeing oneself from such conditions?

This bigger stuff requires a transformation in our collective consciousness. Evidence suggests, as you have already shared source references, that maybe we are moving forward in the right direction? Yes, the beauty of being a consciously attuned human being is we get to choose. I hold that the higher solution is a Spiritual Quest for an Integral Life … it is the best path forward for both the individual and the collective consciousness that ultimately guides us.


Beautifully put @excecutive
And yes I see amazing progress in our mainstream cultural threads with our religions, governmental fine tunings, social norms and cultural acceptance. It’s a rich tapestry to enjoy!