Welcome to the Integral Life Community

“Integral” simply means comprehensive or inclusive. The core of Integral Life is a series of discussions and presentations that cover a full sweep of contemporary issues — from business to personal growth, from education to meditation, from politics to ecology, from sexuality to spirituality.

What would all of those look like if they were integral instead of partial, whole instead of fragmented, balanced instead of broken?

This community is for people who are trying to discover that same integration, wholeness, and balance in their lives, their relationships, and in the world around them.


I would like to suggest you to have a separate app for intergal community
It would really help integrate integral community in our lives.

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I think that Integral and Integral Inc. are both really well served by this site. Trying to force it too much somehow leads to things like the Integral Center which was an explosive manifestation of Integral but could never represent the whole of Integral. Whether it is Ken’s books you like to read and wonk out on theory, or the certification "I"ntegral that will build the future with Integrally minded cutting edge trendsetters, this site has always been a great source of information for me personally and where I believe any larger and authentic “we” space will evolve from. I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I do.

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