West's Cultural Revolution is Over?


I did way back when but it’s awkward and was only a partial improvement.


Cultural Revolution lives on in Oregon.


This is hardly a “Cultural Revolution”
Only 13 States have proficiency exams.

Even when Exams were “trendy” only 50% required them.

Yet more non-news about some made up controversy to create an imaginary division when there is in fact none.




Amendment adopted to block use of Federal funding from being used to Critical Race Theory.

Is this how our nation communicates on how it will be governed and administered? Is dialog such as this healthy or pose an existential threat to an Integral Noosphere?


Sounds like the Rightys get it that its an Existential Battle to the Death of a Nation and its Peoples


It’s an easy read out of USA Today.

What’s going on? Ironically, this growing illiberalism is not the product of bad times, but of a long trend of rising narcissism and a sense of entitlement that was enabled by peace, prosperity, and rapidly improving living standards. The United States and other democracies have real problems, but the rise of a sour and selfish abandonment of democracy is not happening because of social injustice or “economic anxiety.”


It’s hilarious and somewhat sad how you completely externalize every problem in the United States to Liberalism without thinking that the “we” in the title also includes you.
The intent of the author in choosing that title was to foster a sense of self reflection - not finger pointing.

THAT’S the crisis of 2012-whenever. The utter and complete refusal of a large portion of the population to take any responsibility whatsoever for their own actions and instead to blame the other side for everything.

This is a core conservative value that no longer exists in either the right or the left.

If more you point the finger at an opposing side to cover up your own lack of accountability, the more you completely fail as a conservative living conservative values.


@raybennett The text is an excerpt from the article linked.


Ok, so he dealt with a number of topics and that is the one thing you took out of it - something against liberalism.

Note the picture is of the Dec 6 attempted coup, and the first few paragraphs are his reflections writing on that.
Here are a few other topics he addressed:
We, ourselves, have become unwilling to engage in civic life at even the most basic level of regular voting. We, ourselves, have embraced consumerism that demands ever better and ever cheaper products no matter what the cost to our own economy. We, ourselves, have chosen to be solitary viewers of television and social media, and then to express ourselves in public only with performative and childish rage.
Here is the balancing premise you are missing:
The January 6 rioters were the most extreme example of this stupefying level of narcissism. These insurrectionists were not disenfranchised or oppressed people trying to engage in a peaceful assembly. They could barely express a coherent political thought. Rather, the whole event was a day-camp outing for middle-aged, middle-class, gainfully employed Americans who wanted to be heroes storming Congress – and perhaps lynching the vice president in the process – and then go back home to sell real estate, attend work retreats in Mexico, and brag about it all on Instagram.


Maybe not such an easy read after all if you realize what his premise is.


I simply posted the article. I’m missing your point.


You “simply” posted an article, and you had no motive or reason for doing so. I see.
You often “simply” post articles that miraculously through some great anomaly of coincidence have the same theme - but you are “simply posting articles” and simply posted the only paragraph in the article that fit the same theme as the other articles you post and also coincidentally misconstrues the rest of the article by focusing on that one paragraph.

I would challenge you to say what you mean and mean what you say and stand behind it.
If I remember my 1950’s to 1980’s conservative playbook - that’s a conservative value.


I agree with much of the article and thought well written. There were several paragraphs that I considered excerpting. And yes, it does fit with the thread topic West’s Cultural Revolution is Over?

Thoughts that came up were:

  • Perhaps it isn’t “all about Trump”. There might be something more to things.
  • All levels are susceptible to shadows/unhealthy aspects. Maybe this has pointers to the darker areas we should look at.


Yes, I’ll be the first to agree that Trump isn’t a cause, he’s an effect. In a way he’s what my New Age friends call a “lightbringer” - he casts a big searing bright spotlight on the shadows of both the right and the left (or other terminology for various classifications).
Also constant self examination is very Green Tier. What you call “Liberals” have been doing some real soul searching ever since November 2016 - but soul searching isn’t the end of Green Tier. It’s what you do at Green. If anything, it’s bringing more people truly into that Tier. The shadow of authentic self examination is self doubt. So whether liberals are experiencing self doubt or true self examination - they are working within the realm of Green Tier. Not all liberals, of course not. Which Percentage - I can’t even guess. But it’s there for sure.
But also let’s not confuse the issue - Trump is a very bad person and completely unfit for leadership. If I say he’s emotionally imbalanced that doesn’t mean I have some kind of darker area I need to look at - he is demonstrably mentally imbalanced, and about a dozen other things I can list. He is unfit for office to a degree we have not seen since the invention of the phonograph (if we have recordings of other Presidents’ speeches, we can compare)
So it’s hard to say for sure if Anti-Trump Liberals are stuck in darker areas of lower Tiers and just pretending to be Green Tier, or if in fact they are voicing legitimate concerns about a very flawed leader. It’s not clear cut.


How would you characterize the sitting President?


A man whose only chance to be President was against Trump.
I don’t think you’ll find many people (Left, Democrat, Liberal, whatever) supporting Biden except as a “not Trump” option and a realistic compromise. Or another 14 million some-odd swing centrist voters that voted for Biden but not Hillary might consider him the “Not batshit crazy” option.
That’s where we are today - our president won by just not being completely and obviously deranged in comparison to the other option.
And sadly that’s not even hyperbole.


Youre dodging the question. How would you characterize the sitting President?


No - I’m not.
He’s just kind of “blah”. He doesn’t really have any strong good points or any strong bad points. His only remarkable characteristic is he was “Option B”.
He’s not really talented but then not a complete disaster. He’s not particularly Progressive but neither is he Conservative. He’s like that protagonist Joe in Idiocracy - he was chosen for how remarkably average he is.