West's Cultural Revolution is Over?


If you are “asking but not asking” if Biden is fit for office - yes, he is. Historians will probably put him smack dab in the middle compared to other Presidents like around 18th to 26th out of 46, compared with Barrack Obama being consistently ranked in the high-Top 30%, Trump in the low-bottom 30%, W Bush in the high-bottom 30% and William Jefferson Clinton in the high-middle 30%.

If you have a more specific question I’d request you to ask it rather than expecting me to guess.


Biden has definitely left his mark during his first 8 months. 3 more years of home runs to look forward to.

He will be a great asset helping Dems campaign for the 22 elections.


So I take it you weren’t actually asking a real question, and so there was no actual question for me to “dodge”.
Just more political us-vs-them divisive rhetoric under the guise of discussion.


I asked to understand your assessment of the sitting President since you wield 45 like a poisoned existential battle axe. Lol
Interesting thoughts in 46s projected rankings.


Nice analogy. I agree with your assessment that he is like a poisoned existential battle axe. Your words and your subconscious assessment of him.

It’s also hilariously ironic that YOU brought Trump into the discussion, not me. How do you expect to post an article about “Trump is not ruining Democracy” and not expect me to even mention Trump, lol? I even agreed with the basic premise “It’s not all about Trump”, lol. It’s not about Biden, either, by the way. It’s about you (and a majority of Americans on both the Left and the Right) being so eager to be “against” people who you imagine to be part of a group that your cognition completely falls apart and you chase your own tail around in circles.
You are so against identity politics but (or perhaps because) you are the identity politics marching band .


If I wanted to wield Trump like a cudgel to beat people over the head, I’d post stuff like this as often or more often than you post your anti-progressive articles (several times daily)



I think I see your point now. While the article was about everything NOT being abiut Trump, you have a different opinion. Thats quite all right. But could have you considered that it just might not all be about Trump?



I mean, if you can’t read, I guess you just can’t read.

Where did I mention Trump?

Where did I mention Trump?

Where did I mention Trump?

AHHHHH … FINALLY in the 4th one I mention Trump, and agree that he isn’t the center or the cause of anything.
I guess you got me there!

Herr de durrr - after I discuss the article in three other posts, I finally also talk about him in the post where you brought him up.

You got me. Derp.





As more media on the Left and the Right recognize Trump is an effect and not a cause - a follower and not the leader it begs the question: what is the cause of the mass insanity, and where is it them leading to?



Possible that a Black Conservative might end up Gov of California…


SCOTUS issues a very basic ruling.
“We expect Congress to speak clearly,” the per curiam decision reads, “when authorizing an agency to exercise powers of ‘vast economic and political significance.’” The Constitution, it adds, “does not permit agencies to act unlawfully even in pursuit of desirable ends.” “If,” it concludes, “a federally imposed eviction moratorium is to continue, Congress must specifically authorize it.”


The core assertion of the post-Left is relatively simple: The real ruling class in America is the progressive oligarchy represented politically by the Democratic Party. The Democrats are the party of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the Ivy League, the media, the upper layers of the national security state and federal bureaucracy, and of highly educated professionals in general. The Republicans, however loathsome, are largely a distraction — a tenuous alliance between a minority faction of the ruling class and petit bourgeois.

The Trump years also revealed something about the nature of power in the United States that, once seen, is difficult to unsee. For all the warnings that Trump would turn out to be Hitler, he in practice turned out to be more like Berlusconi — a vulgar entertainer with a sordid personal life who in most respects ended up governing like a normal politician.

What happened on the other side of the aisle was more subtle but also, in the long run, more sinister. We saw the national media collaborating with shadowy intelligence agents and researchers to launder a conspiracy theory about Russian collusion and, later, employ the same playbook to block Trump’s planned withdrawal from Afghanistan. We saw constant media-generated and wealthy NGO-funded campaigns against racism and sexism welded to the electoral priorities of the Democrats. We saw “Critical Race Theory”, a crude ideological rationalisation of the Democrats’ coalitional logic, elevated to the level of quasi-official religion. We saw Twitter suspending The New York Post for publishing embarrassing information about Joe Biden’s son in the run-up to the election and payments processors such as PayPal partnering with progressive NGOs to monitor their customers and report “extremists” to law enforcement.


The only bright note is the West can clearly see the agenda of destruction in action.


60% want Biden impeached.
52% want Biden out, but more afraid of Harris
58% think Harris not qualified to be POTUS