West's Cultural Revolution is Over?


You’re joking, of course, I would imagine, I would presume, I would hope :slightly_smiling_face: But I really wouldn’t know…

I think it might be over at the Met Gala, but in the World Gala? Naw…


Over nah. Head winds based upon general awareness of the hypocrosy, yup.


Arizona sues to block Biden’s Vaccine Mandate. Claims President has no authority to mandate vaccines. Also claims Biden and Homeland Security are discriminating against Citizens since foreign nationals (migrant workers, illegal aliens, immigrants) are not required to vaccinate nor test periodically.

Arizona AG statement



For many, Biden was elected for one thing and one thing only: to walk our nation – our democracy – back from the cliff edge where former President Donald Trump and his cronies had led it, and where below waited fascism, demagoguery and totalitarianism. Simply put, Biden’s mandate was to ensure that Trump would never, ever, occupy the White House again – and ideally leave the political stage for good.

Yet we’re not even a year into his first term and Biden’s approval rating has dipped to [42%], thanks to political fumbles that are also creating an opening for a 2024 Trump run. Indeed, GOP insiders have noted that Trump has been [signaling that he is more likely than not] to run again in the next election.


Concise assessment of merits of the US Constitution:

Second, it is democratic. The nation’s elite met in secret to write it — but they then went to the people and asked them to ratify it. Twenty-seven changes since then have been made that way: Congress may propose amendments, but it has to ask the state legislatures, and the time it takes to do that almost invariably means that the people doing the ratifying face an imminent or intervening election.

Third, it is conservative. I do not mean that it advances conservative policy, although it surely does that in a number of ways. I mean that [the very act of writing down the rules the people made] as written law, and deciding that those rules must stay that way forever until the people change them, is inherently small-c conservative. It preserves the wisdom of the past — not unchangeable, but enduring until disturbed for some good and considered reason.

Fourth, it mistrusts power. Power is divided horizontally, between the three branches of government, and vertically, between federal and state authority. The branches are armed with tools, such as the veto and the impeachment power, which they may use to deter and punish overreaching by the others. Power is hard to exercise under our constitution, and that makes it easier for the people to be left alone.

Fifth, it is [deliberative]. The division of power and the staggered forms of election by different electorates means that it takes time and effort to activate the machinery of power, and requires the buy-in of a vast number of people. That helps us avoid rushing into irrevocable decisions.

Seventh, it is liberal, in the classical sense. The Constitution proceeds from the premise of the Declaration of Independence, which runs throughout its original text and is detailed in its amendments, that the protection of liberty and justice for all the people on an equal basis — and the existence of a battery of individual liberties — is fundamental to a legitimate government. That, too, is the point of writing down the rules. There is to be no privileged class with greater rights.

Eighth, it is practical. The Constitution itself was a compromise and a second try, and the men who made it did not start from the idea of constructing an ideal union, but rather a workable one. They had written a number of state constitutions and studied how other nations had succeeded and failed. They even included provisions that would turn out to be useful after lying dormant for many years. The thing is still running because it was built to last.



Huh? Putin horsey orange man. False, Booty truth?

Indictment alleges Democrat lawyer was paid by Clinton campaign to develop documents on alleged Russia collusion computer link to Trump and give it to FBI in final days of election despite concerns it was a ‘red herring’



We have a national crisis of education that most Americans aren’t paying attention to. Our school systems produce a small group of high-achieving students at the top and a massive group of low-achieving students at the bottom.

America has fallen into a multi-generational crisis of illiteracy. In terms of raw numbers, more white students are reading below grade level than Black students. Of the 1.8 million students who took the ACT in 2019, 36 percent did not achieve college readiness in any of the four subjects. That means about 650,000 American students, despite spending thousands of hours in school, were not prepared for college-level work in a single subject. And that number does not include the millions of students who did not take the ACT. Even worse, 19 percent of American high school graduates are functionally illiterate, unable to read well enough to manage daily tasks.


“We have a national crisis of education that most Americans aren’t paying attention to. Our school systems produce a small group of high-achieving students at the top and a massive group of low-achieving students at the bottom.”

I think this is perhaps the greatest crisis of all because an underdeveloped mind isn’t capable of addressing in the most effective way the wicked problems we have today. Also, I think we need to educate people in a more holistic way instead of just indoctrinating them into the job market. More Arts & Humanities, etc.



It’s really sad to see “dumbing” of America under the guise of making kids “feel good”. It’s scary that it’s lead with religious zeal by our own teachers. All of this furthers the Cognitive Divide and ill prepares many of our kids to operate powerfully in a highly complex world.

Funny comedy act if you’re looking for a laugh:


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