West's Cultural Revolution is Over?


Not a good showing for the most Woke Administration in US history. If memory serves Rasmussan has about a 5% Lefty bias and CNN about an 8% bias.



July comparison of media ratings, media coverage differences between Trump and Biden. Seems based on viewing habits we may have already passed thru a cultural inflection.


Ratings are one of the most useless measurements in the history of mankind.

High ratings usually go to worst garbage networks can churn out.
Thank God we no longer have a Chief Executive of the country getting high ratings.


Wait, more people slow down to look at the 30-car pileup on the side of the highway, and fewer people slow down to look at a parked car? Crazy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Glad to see you guys lightening up a bit. It’s good to let that Critical Theory OS defrag a bit. ENJOY LIFE! :smile:




I’ve been watching here as restaurant prices are climbing, groceries are up 10-25%, gasoline is up 55% from pre 46 days. While not a meaningful impact on our family, all of these consumer good price increases hit harder as you go down rungs of the economic ladder.
The one place we are cutting back on are restaurant outings. Anyone else feeling the squeeze?


It used to be that restaurant outings were a treat you did at most once a month. Growing up I got to go to a restaurant maybe 5 times at most before the age of 18 and only my upper middle class relatives had “mom and Pop” dates at restaurants.

I personally don’t think not being able to eat at a restaurant is a hardship or a “squeeze”, lol.
I stopped into the Popeye’s drive thru a few weeks ago and a 12 piece meal was $50. Well, I don’t really need Popeyes, lol and I did indeed “drive thru”.
I think you might notice that the highest inflation is in prepared foods - because obviously that is what is most affected by labor costs. With that in mind, I think it’s a good thing for people to get a better connection to the food that passes their mouths by preparing it themselves. Honestly, having to prepare your own meals is not any kind of hardship, lmao.
Let’s get back to real traditional values that includes families spending time preparing and sharing food together and taking care about and choosing carefully what foods are in the house.


I was referring primarily to economic impact throughout the supply chain (aka inflationary impacts).

We really enjoy cooking at home and love to pick a cuisine to focus on. My wife is has finally made it to French cooking. I’m bouncing working through Thailand and Laos at the moment.

When you post, I always think of taking Opihi and spearfishing somewhere near Makenna I think. I developed a love for OC paddling at Kihei and regret having sold my OC1 last year.


Yeah activities like that remind you of what’s important in living a full life.

I see this whole trend as mankind facing an inevitable cycle. Those who are not able to realize the important parts of life and cling to the irrelevant aspects of life will continue to experience increasing pain as time goes by.
Ironically, I think the poor will fare much better. What does it matter the price of gas or a meal in a restaurant to a person who rides the bus to work for 20 years and never eats at a restaurant?
You and I still need our garbage taken away and a thousand other “menial” tasks done to keep a city running. One of the greatest delusions of the rich is that the poor will suffer if the rich vanish from the earth, when the opposite is more obviously true.


We are in the age of specialization. Pre WW1, +85% of the population was involved in agriculture. After WW2 mechanization enabled specializaion into plumbing, carpentry, medicine, music. We see this specialization continue. Now artists promote UBI so they can focus on performance art or poetry smashing, yet still hire the plumber or mechanic. You can take college level course on compost piles, which might be the most useful course they take in 4 years of “university”.

This mentality is far more prevalent than just the rich. Its been sold as a “right” which essentially means “for free for all”, leaving the privileged husband and wife that work 70 hours per week building a 6 truck plumbing or painting business and their employees to cover the UBI bill for the beat poet that drinks pour over free trade coffee at $6/cup, while blowing legal smoke rings and running critical theory rant sessions on what’s really best for all the people that are “too stupid to see it”.


Another data point. Our favorite bacon has gone from $4.99/# to $6.29/#. While not a “deal breaker” for us, it perhaps would be a deal breaker for a working class (or UBI recipients) family with a couple of ravenous teenagers.
I just didn’t want your focus on restaurants to overshadow real-world real-human-being impact of governmental policy increasing inflation.


UBI is your new straw man?
Can you discuss a topic without bringing in a straw man?
You make three posts about UBI when no one was talking about it and there is no indication that it will realistically pass in the next 10 years. Then you double down on straw man by saying it is Artists who want UBI and not the very working people who are struggling to make ends meet.
Honestly, I think UBI is a stupid idea. It would essentially be on the one hand a subsidy for corporations so they don’t have to pay a living wage to their employees, and also a subsidy to get people to purchase things they don’t actually need at a price higher than they can afford (like bacon).
Bacon isn’t a necessity. Again - growing up I ate it rarely and it was a treat - not a staple. Eating it like a staple and not a rare treat leads to heart disease and obesity, so UBI would also be a subsidy for our unnecessary medical procedures and medication industry.
But again, UBI is a straw man in this discussion because I don’t think the integral community supports it. You might be just thinking “oh, of course they support it because they are liberals” which ironically is what you are most fragile about when it’s directed at you.


Ok, let me help you. Its fine when concepts remain conceptual theories. The implimentation is what separates the men from the boys.
We already covered that in place is are multiple safety net social programs. And several discussions on free market dynamics. Most people will pay more for a plumber to rotoroot their sewer line with crap flowing into their house than a beat poet at open mic night. Thats a perfect free market dynamics example.

You said you would stop trolling. Try to be constructive. Reread the thread title and try telling again how UBI isnt relevant to “end of cultural revolution” discussion.


Piss off with the your name calling. You’re the biggest troll on this forum, mate, if anyone is. Pot calling the kettle black right there - par for the course with you time and time again. You’re the one who hides from actually answering ANYONE’S serious discussion points and just make up your own narrative when other people try to engage you in a serious discussion. Not just me but several people.

Who cares about men and boys? What relevance is that to the discussion.

UBI is dead in the water and at this point is nothing more than a straw man argument - just like every time you bring up Marxism - straw man.


Polling shows Newsom retaining his seat. Would this be considered progress for Californians?


Excellent example of bringing awareness to issues in our society. The Met Gala raises $15M for the Costume Museum at $30,000 per ticket.



“Think we can all agree that activism is kinda over and generally embarrassing tbh,” declared a commentator who goes by @thomasfreeboy.

And we all know thomasfreeboy knows ehat he’s talking about.