What Are Stages of Development? Learn Integral by Watching Movies!

Here’s a new resource page I created on Integral Life, which offers a basic summary of the developmental stages and uses a series of 22 carefully-curated film clips to illustrate some of the most important qualities of each stage. This was adapted from a very popular episode of Inhabit that Ryan Oelke and I did several months back. I wanted to create a new version, which didn’t require sitting through a 2-hour video to get to.

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Because these stages are so difficult to point to in our immediate experience, we’ve compiled a series of short clips from some very popular films, each of which demonstrates some aspect of that stage — the view from that stage, the values of that stage, or the general leadership styles associated with that stage — offering some well-known cultural reference points to help flesh out our understanding of these stages of growth and development.

As you watch, try to remember: all of this is actually happening inside of you. You may be viewing these film clips on a screen in front of you, but the stages we explore here are all alive within you right now, either as capacities you’ve already developed or as potentials that are waiting to be unleashed.

The Witness itself is the ultimate movie screen — the effortless, simple feeling of being behind all of our perceptions. All of this is just a fleeting dance of light, sound, and shadow projected within your consciousness against that empty, all-pervasive awareness.